summer ready

Just chillinnnnnnnnnnnnn'.
[ :: City Chic top & shorts :: Steve Madden boots :: Asos leather backpack :: ]
[ :: Melody's Addiction lace earrings :: H&M/NY&Co/surevolution/Winter Market bracelets :: ]

Can you guys tell the difference in photos? This outfit and the last one were taken with my new 50mm lens! :D Maybe it's just me but I looove it. Helps that the boy is getting more awesome by the day at photography! :D 

Anyhow, this (or some variation of this) is pretty much all I want to wear for the next 4 months.
Light, floaty, and easy! hehe. Also, these boots are totally starting to fall apart and I can't bear to throw them away! I need to find a replacement STAT as short cowboy boots are pretty much a Summer staple for me!
Any suggestions? :D

Yours, Etc.

P.S. A bunch of comments on my last post were deleted when blogger went down. Sorry guys! :( It wasn't me, I promise! lol :)


  1. Denim shorts = win forever :D

  2. Truly cute! The tunic is absolutely lovely paired with the short shorts and the ankle cowboy boots. Quite an interesting balance of casual and chic here. And by the way... I LOVE those earrings!


  3. Nice and simple outfit with cute details = win! I love it. I'm also planning on spending my summer in shorts and tops. Now we just need a little warmer weather in Denmark...


  4. wow you're stunning. that top is so beautiful.


  5. nice outfit
    the top is so romantic, so cute ! ;)

  6. <3 brokeh. <3 you. O M G. You make the camera LOOOVE you! 50mm FTW!!!

  7. LOVE the depth in these photos. I have been coveting that same lens myself, but am beyond broke. Oh well, a little jealousy is good for me.

    Loving the look as well. Ruffles paired with touch boots and accessories equals instant chic.

  8. You look so gorgeous. I am a bit like you. At the end where you've written that this look is pretty much all you want to wear for the next four months... well, I am just like that. Comfortable and gorgeous are often key - and you certainly pull both of those off here.

    You are looking really fresh and healthy in these shots too. I swear, your skin looks wonderful. x.

  9. That top and those earrings are killer!

  10. I just found your blog yesterday and been looking through it today and I will definitely continue reading it! Love the outfits and the pictures :)

  11. That frilly top is so cute and looks super comfy! And you always seem to have the hottest earrings!

    Love the outfit!

  12. Well I'm almost sorry you brought it up b/c before I read your post I was going to say "DAAAAAAAAAANG girl, these photos are beautiful!!" I guess I still said that but yes, the new 50mm has done you well. Gorgeous accessorizing here, too :)

  13. I like these shoes with the shorts, the shape is really flattering!

  14. lovely top, it goes really cute over those shorts :)

  15. girl I hear you! I'm sooo ready for summer sun!!

    LOVE that purple top!

  16. More power to you for wearing the short shorts!And you're a size 16? Way to go for showing that you don't have to be less then a size 6 to wear short shorts.I'm an 8 and whenever I wear the shorts my grandmother is telling me what a fat ass I am.