pop pop pop

[ :: Pure Energy sheer tunic over Forever21+ cami :: Banana Republic denim :: AE belt :: ]
[ :: Cynthia Rowley scarf via TJMaxx :: Dolce Vita x Target wedges :: Coach bag :: H&M bangle :: ]
[ :: NY&Co stacked bangles :: surevolution gold driftwood bracelet via ideeli :: F21 earrings :: ]

I had been searching for AGESSS (okay, maybe just a week or two) for a bright, summery scarf to wear with my whites, when lo and behold, tangled in a mountain of scarves at TJMaxx was this gorgeous and cheery scarf from Cynthia Rowley! Such a score for less than 15 bucks! :D I couldn't wait to wear it out so I built this outfit around the scarf. I kept things simple with jeans and a white top, but added lots of colorful accessories to make the look pop a little. :)

Also, I totally had a regressive moment and decided it would be fun to paint my nails all different colors. Throwback to middle school? Anyone?? No? Just me? ...Oh.

Anyway, I'm currently recovering for having 4 teeth ripped out of my face. Don't ask me why I waited so long to have my wisdom teeth taken out, but finally, at 23, I bit the bullet and did it. Now, I look like a chipmunk. Woohoo!

Okay. I'm going to go take some more pain meds and make my boyfriend baby me. MUAHAHA.
Just kidding. Kind of.

Yours, Etc.


  1. You look great I love that scarf...I had 4 of my teeth pulled a few years ago, so I feel your pain! Get well!

  2. Always the cute and stylish young lady, you are even more so here. Allison, what can I say- this is a beautiful outfit! Your beauty blossoms as lovingly as the lovely flowers in the background. Of course, you are a beautiful rose. You've always had such a cute smile, a cute face, and glorious hair since I've first followed your blog. You are absolutely beautiful. Keep up the great work!


  3. You look amazing as always!!! Love that scarf! Sorry about your pain. I had mine out thought death would be less painful. Percacet helped. I really hope you feel better soon.

  4. Love that white top, so you and so pretty! The pop of color with that skirt is fab as well. Hope you get feeling better soon and get dechipmunkafied (is that word?)

  5. Love love love this! so pretty!:)

  6. Really love this casual outfit! I tried on the same tank from Target, but worried about the length. Now you have me wishing I had just belted it and bought it! I also love the playful nails :) Sometimes fashion/beauty just needs to be fun and silly!

  7. Just ran across your blog today, I love this outfit and your hair is so gorgeous.