Curvy Girl Chic SLINK Jeans Plus Size Denim

Luxury denim might sound a little counter intuitive--after all, denim is one of the most down-to-earth, accessible fabrics! Every once in a while, though, a brand comes along that does denim so well, wearing it is an experience, not just an outfit. People ask me all the time what my favorite denim brands are, and I always have a list that I ramble off. Well, I'll be adding a new brand to top of that list, because I recently got to try out SLINK Jeans and they are easily some of the most amazing jeans I've ever worn!


Torrid Plus Size Active Workout Clothes
[[ :: work hard slay hard top :: perforated stripe hi-lo tank ::  side stripe skinny joggers :: ]]
[[ ::  perforated stripe hi-lo tank :: perforated stripe workout hoodie :: colorblock workout leggings :: ]]

I can't believe I'm just finding out that Torrid launched some seriously awesome plus size active wear! While I don't care too much about all that "New Year, New You" stuff that's floating around (no offense if you do!), I'm all about having cute workout options available if you want them! I hit the gym semi-regularly and buying gym clothes is often a struggle.
Personally, one of the hardest things for me to shop for is sports bras. As a C cup, I don't quite fit into plus size sports bras, but as a 40-42 band, I also can't fit into straight sizes. I'd been wearing some Old Navy XXL sports bras for a while, but I am just not really feeling them as I'd like a bit more support than they offer!


Curvy Girl Chic Ellos Coat
Hi babes! It's definitely taking a turn for the colder in California--it's in the 40's! And rainy! What?! That's insanely cold for Southern California. I am excited though, that I get to bust out my coats and cold weather gear!


Happy New Year, Babes!

As we roll headfirst into 2017 (and THANK GOODNESS 2016 is over, because my heart couldn't take much more), I thought I would share some of my favorite pieces and products from 2016! These are the things I gravitated to the most, whether it's the new leather jacket that has quickly become a wardrobe staple,  the cult-favorite, high-coverage foundation that I can't get enough of, or my favorite vampy winter lipcolor, I've got the deets below! :)

# 10. First up are these wide calf, over the knee boots! I've been styling them constantly and loooove that they're so affordable.
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# 9. Sweater dresses, like this one from Torrid, have been on repeat for the past several months! I can't get over how comfortable but put together they look. They're also perfect for pairing with those OTK boots!
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# 8: ALL the Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche lipsticks! There is a color for everyone, and I'm seriously obsessed with the formula and ingredients! I'm pretty much over matte lips (blasphemy, I know), and these are the most perfect, long-wearing, high-pigment lipsticks ever! Also, Beetroot is the absolute best color, hands down. I dare you to fight me on this.

# 7: The Tom Ford perfume of my dreams, which I finally splurged on during Sephora's VIB sale! It smells crisp, clean, and exactly like an Italian seaside vacation--I can't get enough of it! Mandarino Di Amalfi is also a great runner up, and is slightly more citrus-y!

# 6: Allllllll the sheet masks. I got into regular sheet masking several months ago, and my favorites are the $2 sheet masks from Skinfood (so affordable, and they often have sales where they're buy 5, get 5 free) but another great brand is TonyMoly, which you can order from Sephora and Ulta, but are the best deal in bulk from Amazon!

#5: Staying in line with skincare, a 2016 introduction that I'm obsessed with is the Clarisonic Mia Fit. It's super portable for when I travel, and I actually prefer the "delicate" brush head that this comes with! My skin feels so incredibly clean after, and all my expensive skin care works much for effectively!

# 4: This super buttery, soft, but still substantial leather jacket is seriously one of my most-worn items in my closet. In terms of cost per wear, this is definitely one of my best purchases! The one I got is straight size (XXL) and no longer available, but a similar item in plus is available here!

# 3: This Chanel bag is not exactly an "affordable" favorite, but I would be remiss not to include it. I've been using this caviar leather Coco Handle a ton this year, and it's held up SO well (and it better, for the price!). While I know not everyone can or wants to spend a lot of money on a designer bag, this purchase made me so happy and I smile whenever I use it!

# 2:
In case you can't tell by my skincare favorites above, I struggled a bit with skin this year. I was suffering from hormonal acne (yay!), so my light/med coverage foundations just weren't cutting it. I did lotssss of research on Sephora, and also at the recommendation of my boo Sarah, I tried out the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation. Let's just say, LIFE CHANGED. Full coverage but not cakey if applied with a damp Beauty Blender, and so, so long wearing. Obsessed!
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# 1: Okay....I don't know if I've mentioned it on this blog yet, but come on. You knew this was coming, right? Toward the end of 2016, Thanh and I got engaged! So naturally, one of my favorites is the ringggg. ;)
You guys have been so supportive on social media and I can't thank you guys enough for all the congratulations! You guys are too cute! :) I'm hoping you'll want to follow along on the wedding-planning journey--I'd love to share some of the great finds and discoveries I've made navigating this process as a plus size woman!

What were some of your favorites from 2016? I'd love to check them out and maybe find some new favorites for 2017! Happy New Year!