Earlier this month, I got the amazing opportunity to partner with Tampax to donate 40,000 tampons to the charity of my choice in honor of Menstrual Hygiene Day! Tampax partnered with several influencers to donate a total of one million tampons to various charities and organizations focused on providing much needed items to women in need. Incredible, right?!

My organization of choice was Working Wardrobes, which focuses on getting men and women back into the workforce by giving them the necessary tools to do so, including clothes, career guidance, and daily essentials, including feminine hygiene products!

This opportunity came about in an effort to raise awareness around Menstrual Hygiene Day (May 28th) and the challenges faced by women around the world during their periods! Can you imagine not only hustling day in and day out to find a job to support yourself (and possibly your family!), but having to do so during your period when you don't have easy access to tampons and pads? Many of us (myself included!) take easy access to menstrual hygiene products for granted, but for many women around the world, limited access to tampons and pads is their reality.

I'm so grateful that Tampax offered to partner on this donation and so excited to know that they're going to a great organization like Working Wardrobes. I wouldn't be able to pay it forward without the love and support from you guys as well, so thank you to my fabulous readers! ♥

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Working Wardrobes volunteers unpacking the Tampax donations!

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Goodie bags with essentials, including Tampax tampons, ready to go to Working Wardrobes clients!

This post is sponsored by Tampax and done as part of an ongoing collaboration as a #TampaxAmbassador. As always, all statements and opinions are my own! 



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  1. Amazing! Both the opportunity and the organisation, you chose very well!