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It's officially hotter than heck in So Cal, and I'm dressing appropriately!


Always My Fit Titlehttp://www.curvygirlchic.com/2017/06/busting-one-size-fits-all-myth.html

As a plus size woman, trust me when I say, the concept of "One Size Fits All" items is a Total. Joke. I mean honestly, are you really trying to sell me on the idea that an item will fit the same on my size 20 body as it does on a size 2? Common sense begs to differ! A good fit is all about knowing what your body needs to look and feel its best. In fact, one of the questions I'm most commonly asked is how to look great on a budget. My answer is always to find items that fit well! To me, you can wear a $5 shirt and you'll look like a million bucks as long as the fit is right. Conversely, you can spend $500 on a designer jacket but if it doesn't fit well, it won't be worth the money spent!

To really debunk the OSFA myth, I thought it'd be hilarious to show you guys my trying on (or attempting to try on) a one-size item I found while out shopping last weekend! Just a heads up, these are definitely not the most "flattering" photos you'll ever see of me, and even if I don't usually care about whether an item is flattering, I think you can tell that I'm just plain uncomfortable because the pieces just don't fit right!