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It's kiiiiind of embarrassing to talk about, but one of the most neglected parts of my wardrobe is definitely my underwear drawer. I'll be the first to admit it--I don't always fold my underwear (can you say laaaazy), and honestly, I hang onto some pairs way longer than I should! I realized this a couple weeks ago when I grabbed a pair in the morning and spent the rest of the day pulling them up because the elastic was already so worn they weren't staying up anymore! Super awkward, and very annoying. It was then that I decided to get my act together and do a total overhaul of my underwear drawer. Kohl's was awesome enough to send me a gift card to stock up from their seriously extensive collection of panties, so stock up I did!

The first step was to go through the drawer and toss the items that really needed to go. Anything with holes, damaged or worn down elastic, and anything dingy or overly faded got the boot! Next, I stocked up on the underwear I knew I needed to replace! Most important were the nude and black ones that I wear to death. I love that Kohl's has so many options. They have something to address every concern! I even found and picked up a couple no-wedgie styles that I can't wait to test out!

Kohl's Nude and Black Plus Size Underwear

Next, I picked up on some cute, fun styles with lace and print details! The pink and purple animal print pair is my favorite. After all, every girl's got to have a couple that make her smile just looking at them!

Kohl's Cute Plus Size Underwear 3

I even found panties that are designed for working out in! How awesome are these Sporties from Jockey? They have mesh panels for breathability and are made with moisture-wicking fabric. Genius!

Kohl's Workout Underwear

Being a huge fan of Japanese organization methods, I decided to apply them to my underwear drawer. Check out the GIF I made below for step-by-step demo on how to fold your underwear so they stay tidy and neat!

Use this method to fold all your underwear, then place them fold side up in your drawer so you can see all your underwear at the same time! Since my drawers are on the bigger side, I opted to place them in a box within the drawer to keep them organized.

Konmari Method Underwear Folding and Storage

Ta-da! Finished product. I smile every time I open this drawer now--I love being able to see everything and easily find what I need! If you're looking to do something similar, definitely check out Kohl's selection of panties. I was so pleasantly surprised with the options available, and love that they carry both basics and fun, trendy pieces! Kohl's will have an intimates sale from 3/3-3/26, plus, use promo code INTIMATES10 for $10 off a $40 purchase from 3/3-3/16! Bonus Buys are from 3/3-3/12! :)

After Konmari Method Underwear Drawer

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