This post is part of an ongoing collaboration with Stitch Fix. As always, all opinions are my own!
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As I'm sure you guys know by now, I've teamed up with Stitch Fix on the launch of their plus size offerings! (If you haven't seen it yet, head to my first post here!) In addition to getting to shoot on set with them in February, Kristine, Alexandra and I also got to go behind the scenes to check out their insanely cool office in San Francisco and their awesome distribution center where we got to try our hands at packing a Fix! (I'll just let you know now, I don't think I'd cut it there! haha)

This trip was really an eye opening experience that made me fall in love with the company. I got to see first hand how passionate their team was about launching plus sizes and most importantly, doing it right. We talked all about fit, the service itself, and even the process to get people signed up (who knew so much thought went into the signup form and style survey?!).

Speaking of which, if you haven't signed up yet, you're missing out! I've already received two fixes and have a third one scheduled. Not going to lie, I might be a little addicted. :P It's just so easy having someone else do the heavy lifting to find you the perfect item!

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With my bae Alex at our November Stitch Fix visit! The offices are seriously insaaaaane.

Loved being able to see what spring trends the Stitch Fix team was focusing on! They totally hit the mark with the lacy, romantic styles, colorful Havana-inspired pieces, and beachy neutral vibes!

One of my favorite parts of the trip was getting to see the Stitch Fix warehouse, dubbed "The Hizzy!" Kristine, Alex and I got to pull and pack a fix, and see everyone in action! It was so busy and cool. Unlike most warehouses, this one was set up like a giant closet--can you say dream come true?!

During our February visit, we finally got to play with the clothes, try pieces on, and give feedback on the fit. I loved being able to talk about the issues we had with different styles, and find out from the fit experts themselves how items could be tweaked to solve common problems like sagging, bagging, and pulling!

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01_31_W_INF17_Curvy-Council-Behind-The-Scenes Tommy _1322
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After our fit feedback sessions, we got to hit the town for a fun street style photo shoot wearing some of our favorite pieces from the preview we got!

01_31_W_INF17_Curvy-Council-Behind-The-Scenes Tommy _0407
I couldn't ask for a more perfect spring jacket--this blush color is everything!

01_31_W_INF17_Curvy-Council-Behind-The-Scenes Tommy _0692
My favorite photo ever.

01_31_W_INF17_Curvy-Council-Behind-The-Scenes Tommy _0977
These Slink jeans are everything. The step hem is perfection!

01_31_W_INF17_Curvy-Council-Behind-The-Scenes Tommy _1085
Oh, you know, just casually hanging out in front of the Golden Gate Bridge for Kristine and Alex!

I'm genuinely so excited to be working with such a dedicated, passionate company and truly believe that their services fill a much-needed gap in the plus size market. I can speak from experience, having received a couple fixes now, that the service is super personalized, and you really get to develop a relationship with your stylist so your fixes just keep getting better and better! You can sign up for your first fix here!




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