HAPPY NEW YEAR YOU GUYS!!! I'm currently battling a heinous cold (not the coolest way to spend New Year's Eve), but I'm pumped for 2015! 2014 was a pretty incredible year--I got to travel a ton, collaborated with some awesome brands, welcomed a new fur baby into our home, and best of all, got to share it all with you guys! :)

Last year, I made a BUNCH of resolutions. Some, I accomplished, others, not so much (my French is still terrible). This year, I'm keeping it simple. But simple doesn't always mean easy! With my ongoing resolution to lead a healthier lifestyle, I'm getting a little help by signing up for my blogger buddy, CeCe Olisa's, PSPfit January Challenge! Signing up grants you access to clean eating meal plans, recipes, and fun workout vids (check out her latest one here!). You can sign up through Jan 15th, and check out more of her inspiring story on her blog!

PSPfit focuses on "Healthy Curves at Every Size," which is definitely something I can support! The best part is that there are a ton of people already taking part, making it easy to share stories and stay motivated on social media, using the #PSPfit hashtag on instagram and twitter!

AND... since one of the best parts about getting active is the super cute workout clothes (did you really think this post would have nothing to do with shopping?), I'm super excited to share with you guys that Lane Bryant just launched their new activewear line, Livi Active! I'm a huge fan of their new designs--chic without being fussy, and they have an UNDERWIRE SPORTS BRA. With cup sizes! So good!

I'll be celebrating the Be Fit For Life, Livi Active launch in-store with Lane Bryant on Saturday, January 10th from 2-4pm at their Westminster Mall, CA location if you guys are around and want to come hang out! We'll be giving away some sweet clothes and workout gear, and even a membership to #PSPfit!

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Fingers crossed you guys will be able to make it--excited to see you all! xD




  1. Have yourself a happy, safe, and prosperous 2015, Allison! Best wishes and kindest regards to you.


  2. Allison-I had such a wonderful time meeting you! As we were talking I was wondering why I had not seen your posts in a while because I switched over to using Bloglovin' for all the blogs I follow, but for some reason, yours are not coming up on my feed. I am going to try to figure that out because I love your posts. I hope we can meet up again sometime soon because I had such a good time with you!

    All the best,

  3. I just found your blog via Bloglovin, you just popped up as a suggested blog to read, I was browsing fashion and fitness blogs, etc. Happy New Year, and ditto on New years being a bit of a bust, I had the stomach flu! I hope you are feeling better! I'm all set myself, I figured I can have another NYE blast one weekend, as long as it's in January, right?