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As a California girl with a never-ending itch to travel, I just about DIED when I saw this Kate Spade clutch a year ago at Nordstrom. I couldn't justify shelling out almost $400 for a clutch (albeit an amazing one), so I held onto it for a few moments before placing it back on the display with a tear in my eye. I must have circled back at least 3 times to longingly gaze upon its perfection but in the end, I had to let it go.


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Hi guys! Happy Thursday! :D
Wearing my love for New York today...


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Happy New Year! I hope you've all had a great holiday season and are amped to make this year even better than the last! I was iffy about sharing my resolutions with the internets because, let's face it, accountability. lol! But one week in, and finally getting the nerve up to share, here goes a basic rundown...