Shopping Spotlight: Rachel Pally Warehouse Sale!

I was graciously invited by the Rachel Pally team to check out their pre-sale yesterday, and it was AMAZING. Total shopping heaven! Doesn't hurt that Rachel and her team are totally amazing, hilarious, and all-around awesome hosts! :D Thank you! :)

One of my FAVORITE Rachel Pally prints. Gorgeous, and totally edgy!

Okay, shopping regret number one? I DIDN'T GET THIS DRESS. Dying inside as I look at this photo. If anyone hits up the sale, grab this for me in a 2x, please! I'll fully reimburse you. and buy you dinner. and maybe a movie. and maybe even my firstborn.

Racks upon racks of the most beautiful and wearable clothing you will ever find. 

That's my I'm-so-happy-because-I'm-shopping face. :D

Totally bought this blue and mauve-ish maxi skirt. LOVE it so SO much!

Close-up of the gorgeous print. Amazing, no? And like everything from RP, SO soft!

Such pretty colors!

Of course I bought this. It is absolutely beautiful in person!

[Reah, Tulin, Grisel, Marie, me, and Rachel!]
We're all shopaholics. It was so much fun shopping with them! :D

Rachel and I--she is so sweet, too funny, and totally awesome. (Also, totally drool-worthy Dries shoes!)
Thanks for having us! :D

If you guys are in OC/LA, totally hit up this sale! (And grab that printed maxi dress for me!! and maybe the Leandra one shoulder dress...lol!)
If you aren't in the area, definitely check out RachelPally.com. You won't be disappointed! :D

Happy shopping! :D

Yours, Etc.

P.S. Wearing: Calvin Klein maxi, Carmakoma blazer, Coach bag, DVxT wedges, & F21 necklaces!
P.P.S. Photos by the ever-patient boyfriend who stood around for 2 hours while I got my shop on! Major brownie points! haha


  1. Ah man wish I read this earlier today..would have bought the dress Went to the Rachel Pally sale today, saw that dress too! All her stuff was amaze! Looks like you had a great time. Got to meet Rachel as well, she rang me up...LOL

    1. Darn!!! I'm really lusting after that dress...If only I could make it back to LA in time! AHH! :( Hehe I want to know what you got, Cid! Spill the beans! :P

  2. How much does a dress on avg cost for the white label?

    1. Full price, her dresses are between $200-$300, but I scored a maxi dress for as low as $60 at her warehouse sale! Even full price, the dresses are absolutely worth it. Everything is such beautiful quality!

  3. Heading down there right NOW!!! you literally want the dress? email me in the next 2 hours if you do.

  4. Everything is so pretty, I especially love the coral maxi dress you picked, you look like a greek goddess in it! The joy that shopping brings is hard to compete with, not very many rivals to the joy o'shopping.


  5. the coral dress is beautiful! (and you too, of course!) :)
    I have a question...how tall are you?
    because when I try this kind of dresses, I always end with half dress on the floor! Lol :)
    kisses from Italy!

    The pink box: http://oshifugushima.blogspot.com

  6. all i see on the website is s-l, am i going crazy!? I see no plus!!

    1. Haha her White Label collection is all plus sizes! :)

  7. Those plus size collections are really lovely. It's great that plus size fashion is continuously booming.

  8. Okay got it! Beautiful but too expensive, rent in NYC is too high to afford expensive clothes!

  9. Jealous!! Also, look at your rocking that coral dress - so pretty!