you look like summer

[ :: City Chic top :: H&M Inclusive skirt :: bow ring and satin headband from street vendors in Taiwan :: ]
[ :: Fische bag from Japan :: Baby Phat heels via Macy's :: ]

Played dress-up this past weekend. :D

Hmmm...don't have much to say except that I can't wait for the long weekend! :)
Anyone hitting up Memorial Day sales? BBQs? Beaches? Pool parties? I'm hoping to do all of the above! Can't wait to relax and soak up some sun. :D

So tell me lovelies, what are YOUR plans for the weekend? :D

Yours, Etc.

pop pop pop

[ :: Pure Energy sheer tunic over Forever21+ cami :: Banana Republic denim :: AE belt :: ]
[ :: Cynthia Rowley scarf via TJMaxx :: Dolce Vita x Target wedges :: Coach bag :: H&M bangle :: ]
[ :: NY&Co stacked bangles :: surevolution gold driftwood bracelet via ideeli :: F21 earrings :: ]

I had been searching for AGESSS (okay, maybe just a week or two) for a bright, summery scarf to wear with my whites, when lo and behold, tangled in a mountain of scarves at TJMaxx was this gorgeous and cheery scarf from Cynthia Rowley! Such a score for less than 15 bucks! :D I couldn't wait to wear it out so I built this outfit around the scarf. I kept things simple with jeans and a white top, but added lots of colorful accessories to make the look pop a little. :)

Also, I totally had a regressive moment and decided it would be fun to paint my nails all different colors. Throwback to middle school? Anyone?? No? Just me? ...Oh.

Anyway, I'm currently recovering for having 4 teeth ripped out of my face. Don't ask me why I waited so long to have my wisdom teeth taken out, but finally, at 23, I bit the bullet and did it. Now, I look like a chipmunk. Woohoo!

Okay. I'm going to go take some more pain meds and make my boyfriend baby me. MUAHAHA.
Just kidding. Kind of.

Yours, Etc.

summer ready

Just chillinnnnnnnnnnnnn'.
[ :: City Chic top & shorts :: Steve Madden boots :: Asos leather backpack :: ]
[ :: Melody's Addiction lace earrings :: H&M/NY&Co/surevolution/Winter Market bracelets :: ]

Can you guys tell the difference in photos? This outfit and the last one were taken with my new 50mm lens! :D Maybe it's just me but I looove it. Helps that the boy is getting more awesome by the day at photography! :D 

Anyhow, this (or some variation of this) is pretty much all I want to wear for the next 4 months.
Light, floaty, and easy! hehe. Also, these boots are totally starting to fall apart and I can't bear to throw them away! I need to find a replacement STAT as short cowboy boots are pretty much a Summer staple for me!
Any suggestions? :D

Yours, Etc.

P.S. A bunch of comments on my last post were deleted when blogger went down. Sorry guys! :( It wasn't me, I promise! lol :)

playing catch up

I'm baaaackkkk!  
[ :: H&M Inclusive dress :: H&M clutch :: Noir and Belargo rings via ideeli :: Forever21 necklace & heels :: ]

Ahhhh, sorry for the gap in posting! I've been swamped with other projects and to be totally honest, I've been taking much needed breaks during the weekend with friends and family! :D

Anyway, this dress is one of the pieces that the lovely and accommodating Jen of JasiferLionsClub helped me buy from the H&M Inclusive collection! I love love love it. The fit is fantastic and the material is surprisingly nice! It's quite heavy and fully lined in a pretty yellow satin. :) I picked up a few other pieces and will hopefully share them with you guys soon! :D

Also, I get a TON of emails about these shoes. Yes, they're really tall, but no, I don't have issues walking in them. Yes, I have wide feet, but I had the shoes stretched a little so they fit perfectly! :) They're one of my favorite pairs of shoes so I definitely recommend them if they pop up on the F21 website again. I'd buy another pair myself for when these inevitably fall apart!

Yours, Etc.

Still alive!

...just busy with a bunch of projects! 
Will be back in full force soon, and hopefully I can share what's been going on! ♥
[ :: Macy's INC top :: American Rag vest :: Loop 18 jeans :: Coach Bag :: F21 earrings :: H&M cuff :: ]