wild sedation

[ :: gifted Kmart Love Your Style studded top :: iT! skinnies :: Torrid boots :: ]
[ :: Cynthia Rowley bag :: diy feather earring :: ]

Last review piece for Kmart's Love Your Style line! :D This top is super comfortable (albeit a little static cling-y)--I love the way earthy, pale colors work together, and I love the studded detailing along the neckline. I wish they had made the bottom band more fitted and elastic, as my booty doesn't nearly fill it out and it looks unnecessarily baggy. Nothing a quick trip to the tailor won't fix though! I can't wait to wear this with skinnies for Spring, shorts for Summer, and a jeans, boots, and a trench for Fall!  

Anyway, if I somehow haven't convinced you to check out the LYS line yet, just wait for my final recap and review. I was amazed by the quality I was getting for the price point and can't share what other items I have my eye on! :D

Have you guys tried the LYS line yet? Let me know what you think! ♥

Yours, Etc.


  1. Wow the feather earrings are rocking! I wish I have LYS here but i know it's too much to hope for!

  2. These boots are beautiful! :)
    Also the earring is AMAZING :D
    Claire Bear

  3. tried the line and completely pleased with my buys :) this is a really great outfit:)

  4. Lovely outfit! Those boots look great with those jeans!

  5. You are certainly wildly beautiful in these images. Once again, your lovely smile, face, and hair are all lovely. The outfit itself is beautiful from the feathers down to those lovely boots. Absolutely beautiful and casual. LOVING this!


  6. I love the top!!! Cute yet edgy!!! I am definitely going to look at the line. Amazing!!!


  7. I love the boots but what really caught me is the feather! DIY? DIY HOW?! Inquiring minds wanna know.=)

  8. wow so i'm totally late and just found your blog, i must say you are beautiful and i love your confidence let alone your fashion! woohoo an asian curvy girl :) i love your outfit as well as your DIY feathery earring <33 keep the amazing posts coming, i'm totally addicted!

  9. I'm with everyone else, I love the feather earring. Very nice touch. It really adds to the outfit. =)

  10. I loooove this! So earthy and cool.

  11. That feather earring, TO DIE FOR. You should sell those, you'd make a ridiculous profit haha!

    Loving the earth girl feel, adorable as always!

  12. I love this outfit top to bottom. I can't believe you got so much at KMART. I never go there because to get there I have to pass Target and I never get past there. Thanks for the inspiration!

  13. the feather earring gives the top an edge, love the whole look.

  14. You are so boho-chic-ariffic. Seriously, fantastic. Love those earrings!

  15. Great outfit!
    Love the tones in here..

    I am in love with that bag to!!
    So great and trendy..

    Cute blog!!!


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  16. Lovely photos and of course I love the earrings (per my blog title, I love feathers!) Thanks for posting :)


  17. I have tried the LYS line from KMart and I absolutely love it! I was so surprise when I went there with my mom to find this new youthful line.

    I have purchased the skirt that you had on it the first post about the line and a olive green dress, the was also static-y but I love it.