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[ photography by bagel ]
[ :: me and my awesomesauce photographer/bf. I ♥ him. :: ]

Blogs are such strange things. They are, by nature, incredibly one-sided and weirdly revealing. Still though, a reader only knows as much as the author is willing to post, which, on Curvy Girl Chic, amounts to little except perhaps the contents of my closet and maybe my bad shopping habits. 

SO. Let's get to know one another, shall we? List 5 random things about yourself. I'll start.

  1. My favorite people are the ones who make me laugh so hard my eyes water and I start wheezing.
    Yes, I've laughed so hard I've started wheezing like an old man. Sounds a lot like my dad.
  2. When I was really little I'd go to department stores with my mom and hide in the round clothes racks.
  3. In said racks, I'd steal the shiny sequins & beads off clothes because I thought they were pretty. 
    I don't do that anymore. Promise.
  4. I'm that person who belts out songs on the radio while in the car even though I don't know the lyrics.
    Sorry. I'll stop. But not really, 'cause it's way too much fun.
  5. I can't sleep with socks on. At all. Ever. It's like... night-time prison for your feet.

Your turn! :D
Don't forget to leave a link to your blog if you have one! :)

Yours, Etc.


  1. How cute are you and this that you are doing???

    I love it! Okay- here you go darlin... you asked!

    1. I am the biggest word nerd (scrabble, words with friends, I LOVE WORDS!)
    2. I can be quite shy and extremely self conscious.. I am really trying to work on this
    3.I LOVE to dance and can get it on the dance floor- Now I just need to get out to a club
    4. I just found my father five years ago and have yet to see his face. Now I have two additional sisters and a younger brother- so weird.
    5. I have an insane love with Ghost Hunters, Paranormal State, and the SyFy channel

    The Curvy Fashionista

  2. these are such cute shots, you too look utterly happy together :')

    so so lovely.

    aroselikethis.blogspot.com xx

  3. Aw, you and your boyfriend are so cute together! I had to laugh at your list because I have some similar ones. Instead of wheezing, I would throw up when I laughed really hard in high school. On the school bus boys would spend the entire ride trying to get me laugh just so I would throw up :-X!! I also hate sleeping in socks.. or even wearing them for long. That's probably why I wear flats all of the time.

    1. When I was younger I faked needing glasses because my sister had them and I was jealous.
    2. My best birthday party ever was to go see Spice World with a bunch of friends.
    3. Anytime I can't find something to watch I put in a Harry Potter movie. This means that I've watched them all a ridiculous amount of times.
    4. I kinda was addicted to the game The Sims when I was younger. It was the acceptable form of playing Barbies.
    5. I'm studying to be a teacher, but I'm not sure that's what I really want to do.

  4. I prefer sleeping in socks!!

  5. thank you for sharing such a intimate and sweet moment. i totally see the genuine love you two have for one another :) lovin' it! you look so adorable<3

    5 random facts about me:

    1. i am the oldest, but always wished to be an only child when i was younger. i always imagined myself to be an only child and it wasn't until the recent years have i come to appreciate and really love my sisters.
    2. i have always had difficulty with being heavier and standing out around my friends especially since i'm the tallest and biggest one standing at 5'6"... it wasn't until recent have i really learned to love myself and it really helps because the blogging world has exposed me to a world of beautiful curvy women, such as yourself and other curvy fashionistas. prior to the recent years i suffered alot of unhappiness with my body and my family's expectation for me to be skinny like a chinese daughter "should be".. -____-
    3. i am finishing up schooling for child and adolescent development and i love the field, my fear is that being a heavier set individual it will be difficult to be on my knees and crawling around alot, so i've decided for that reason and many more to loose weight so i can be more active and healthy.
    4. i love photography and being able to share and capture someone's special moments, but hate having the camera on myself. i don't even let my boyfriend take pictures of me, most of my cameos in pictures are because i am intoxicated or was forced by my friends/family.
    5. i have a horrible shopping addiction and because of that everytime i pay off my credit cards, i fall back into the cycle -_____- i have no self- control and tend to compulsively purchase multiples of an item if i really like it.

    i love your blog, keep it up <333 it's especially refreshing to see other asian women who are not bones and skin.


  6. 1. I love water (i.e. pools, oceans, lakes, rivers, swamps) I want to live closer to the water.
    2. I am a huge reader! I love books, magazines, newspapers, blogs!
    3. I love to buy shoes, but I don't love to wear them... I prefer to go barefoot!
    4. I have diabetes, and I am constanly annoyed by it.
    5. I sometimes ambush strangers in the dressing room and help them shop.


  7. 1)Cold Stone's birthday cake remix ice-cream w/brownies substituted in for sprinkles is my favorite desert!

    2) I clean the seats of public restrooms w/tissue paper when I use them instead of squatting. a lot easier...and i don't have to look down at pee and hair yuck.

    3)I'm in the minority and prefer not to be around dogs and cats. Fishies any day.

    4)I'm legally changing my full name, including my middle name, for spiritual and personal reasons. So excited!

    5)I've never been kissed and I'm a 23 lady - not ab only, just a late bloomer.

  8. Hiiiiiii. Like everyone else, your pictures are so cute! You're lucky to have found someone who makes you so happy. :) I'm a new reader of your blog, but I adore it nonetheless. So here we go!

    1. I've lived in 18 houses throughout my 23 years of life so I've come to realize it's not where you are, I don't get attached to places.

    2. I had surgery on my right big toe when I was 10, therefore it is awkwardly larger than my other big toe. And toes, for that matter.

    3. I love dogs more than I like most people, I way more likely to go up to a dog owner than some random person to converse.

    4. I don't know how to scream girly, high pitched so when I do scream it's like I'm being chased by an axe murderer, my friends think it's hilarious.

    5. I wish I could be a 1950s housewife, contrary to my independent, working persona.

    I don't update my tumblr very consistently, but it's noellecochran.tumblr.com . My random thoughts are also on twitter at twitter.com/#!/noellecochran .


  9. Five Things about Me:

    1. When I dream at night, I'm usually a man, not a woman.

    2. I have some sort of weird magnetic charge, so I can't wear watches without them stopping/breaking.

    3. I have yet to find a pair of "seamless" panties that are truly seamless, and that annoys the snot out of me.

    4. The only animals I like are horses, and I had a terribly traumatic experience involving cannibal dwarf hamsters.

    5. I have wide size 8 feet, but because of my ridiculously curvy hips, my feet have ended up looking teeny tiny in photos.



  11. My brother does the same thing with his socks. Anyway I came to imform you about an awesome site I found: http://www.urbanog.com/index_129.html
    They have all the dress sizes and a lot of the dresses are less than $30 bucks. So cool.

  12. You two are SO SWEET TOGETHER! Ahh! <3
    Here's my 5 cents:

    1. One of my molars is a baby tooth that never had an adult tooth grow in underneath it.

    2. I have yet to master the art of walking in heels.

    3. I'm naturally blonde. Most people are surprised when they hear this, and the only person who thinks I look better with my natural colour is my mama. :\

    4. No matter where I am, I have the uncanny ability to get lost. I left two hours early for a job interview once to make sure I was there on time and showed up half an hour later. (...I still got the job.)

    5. Around certain times of the month, my hearing becomes really sensitive...Almost Superhuman. Small noises seem REALLY loud.


  13. Aw, such cute photos of you two <3.
    love the facts, adorable, ill post on my blog later :D

  14. Thanks for sharing! How lucky are you to have a wonderful boyfriend who also happens to take nice photos?! :)

    1. I really enjoy reading your blog!
    2. If I see a penny on the ground and it's tails side up then I bend down, flip it over, and leave it for some other person to pick up and get good luck. That makes me oddly happy.
    3. I've broken my ankles so many times, I've lost count. I've broken my back and I've broken my wrist - all separate incidents. Accident prone much?
    4. I'm super-embarressed by my life because I think it sounds like a cackle, but I recently realized that my 7 year old niece has a similar laugh and it's cute so I don't mind AS much. :)
    5. Like one of your other readers, when I was in 5th grade, I faked an eye exam because I wanted glasses. I don't recall any of my friends or family having them; I just distinctively remember thinking they were so fashionable and unique, I had to have them. Now, I have to wear glasses because I messed up my eyes!!!

    ...and I do not have a blog currently, but have something in the works. :)

  15. OOOPs - and for number 4 above, I meant that I'm super embarressed by my LAUGH. haha. My life isn't too embarressing, I don't think .... ;)

  16. 1. I have the hardest time finding things to say about myself when presented with these types of questions.
    2. I am obsessed with organization and interior decorating blogs but you couldn't tell if you looked at my house. Wishful thinking..
    3. I am a true Literature nerd. I actually have a list of books I am getting through. Over 10,000.
    4. I think TO DO lists might be one of my favorite things. I love the thrill of checking things off.
    5. I have planned a garden for the past two years and have yet to plant a seed.

    PS- That was actually easier than I thought it was going to be.

    Young Love is so beautiful!!!!


  17. Thanks for doing this, I think it's such a great idea to get to know someone! So interesting!!!

    My 5 Randoms:

    1. When I was younger, I would crush the chocolates at the stores because I wanted it!

    2. I am studying abroad in New Zealand right now for a semester.

    3. I like to dance myself dry after a shower!

    4. I tell people they're beautiful in my head because I'm not brave enough to say it aloud...

    5. My best friend is my boyfriend!

  18. awww<3 so cute! and this should be fun.

    1. I love Zebras!
    2. When using the microwave, I prefer to use random numbers instead of numbers that end in 0 or 5 like 29 or 32 instead of 30
    3. I love the whole idea of princesses, not the surface image of needing to be rescued though, what's deeper than that though is the power of love that they all believe in and that i believe in.... http://thoughtsunderpressure.blogspot.com/2010/07/princess.html :)
    4. I love all things Disney!
    5. I love to watch and read things that make me cry

  19. oh yeah, thoughtsunderpressure.blogspot.com :)

  20. Wow - cool idea! Hope you don't mind if I use it on my blog too!

    1. I too have a bf photog. We are as cute as the two of you are, which is saying a lot! We are also an interracial couple (he's asian and I'm irish). He's far too shy for me to put a pic of him on my blog, though.
    2. As I am writing this, I am procrastinating from doing something that's WAY more important, which is usually the case with most of the stuff I do online.
    3. I love kitschy things. And I know they're kitschy. I like them in an ironic way...
    4. I love old movies. Especially Rear Window. Grace Kelly just looks so beautiful in her black and white (Chanel, I think) gown.
    5. I am finally becoming happy with who I am, and I don't care who knows it!!!


  21. I agree, it is a cool idea!

    1. I HATE eggs.
    2. Sometimes when people talk I spell out their words over and over in my head and count of the letters with my fingers until I end on an even digit (OCD...I think so!)
    3. I have to twirl my feet together to fall asleep.
    4. I cry like a baby every time I watch The Way We Were and La Bamba. If I watch them, I'm pretty much dead meat.
    5. I think two of the worst things in the world are when your panties or your tights roll down, especially if you have to be out all day, I hate that!!


  22. It's such a sweet set of photographs with the boyfriend!

    Hmm 5 random things?
    1. I sneaked out at work during break to take most of my outfit posts.
    2. I am an only child.
    3. My childhood heroine is Enid Blyton.
    4. After seeing the movie Amelie Poulain, I felt different.
    5. I am turning 30 this year. Horror oh horror!

  23. Okay, and I thought I was weird because I don't like to sleep with socks on! LOL.

    This is too fun! Here are mine:

    1. I never liked Cheerios. I never ate them as a kid and I still wont!
    2. I love showtunes (don't judge)
    3. and I love Star Trek (okay, really don't judge! LOL)
    4. I like to dance in my car while driving (thank goodness for tinted windows!
    5. I majored in Pre Law in school (total left field from blogging!)


  24. hahaha, I love #4! I do that too, but usually I hum along to the song! Then my friend asks me, "Have you even heard this song before?" and I sheepishly respond, "no..." :D

    star-crossed smile

  25. 1. I love french fries
    2. As a child I loved dressing up
    3. My biggest fear is not finding love
    4. My favorite person in the world is my mom
    5. The biggest plan I have made is for my wedding, which is yet to happen. (GOD knows how long that would take)

    Loved your blog :* here is mine: latifalshamsi.wordpress.com

  26. Aww, how cute :). How did you two meet?
    LOL prison for your feet, but it's lovely when you put some nice foot cream & the next day your feet are so pampered!

  27. Awe so sweet ! <3 ur blog

    1. my name is Sasha and Im a shopaholic lol
    2. I'm sacred of the dark
    3. Chocolate is my bestie
    4. Im older than I look (thanks mom and dad hehe!)
    5. I love my family and church xoxo


  28. I'm a little late commenting on this, but really like the idea! Here's my list:

    1. I compulsively correct people when they say something that's incorrect. Can't help it, my husband already diagnosed me with "Gilles de La Correct"...LOL
    2. I cry (out of happiness!) when a group of people sing me a birthday song. I'm such a wuss..
    3. I hope my 2 month old daughter will become a 'girlie girl' so I have an excuse to play with Barbies :-)
    4. I lost almost 20 pounds during my pregnancy instead of gaining. YAY Pregnancy diet!
    5. I play dress up when I'm bored...(and when no one's around of course...)


    Nice getting to know you too!

    ♥ Dionne


  29. your bf is looks like christian bautista..a singer from philippine

  30. I'm also pretty late but I can't help but comment your posts they're just soo awesome! (you and your bf are so cute!!!!!!!!!).
    1.I always prepare my outfits the evening but the morning after when I dress I don't like what I see and change again and again and again (Thank god it never made me late for school!)
    2. My entire familly is a shopaholic
    3. I'm addicted to shoes, jewelry and bags
    4.I live in Paris
    5.I hate my hair