Color Challenge Round Up!

Hello my loves! :D

I was blown away by the number of people who wanted to participate in this color challenge--thank you guys so much! :D I really enjoyed seeing everyone's outfits! Don't be surprised if I steal some of your color mixing ideas! ;)

[Can I just say, Lilli's skirt is absolute genius, I wish I had the balls to wear colors like Frances, and Gabi is, well, Gabi (aka awesome).Also, Jeniese? Girl, that is the cutest photo ever taken.]

Everyone looks amazing! Hopefully I'll be able to make this Style Challenge idea a regular column on my blog! What do you guys think? :)

[ :: All the photos are clickable and link to their respective blogs (unless they don't have one). Enjoy! :D :: ]

Yours, Etc.

P.S. If I missed anyone, I'm so sorry! I went through my spam folder and everything to make sure I got all the emails. If I don't have you up, send me an email or tweet me to let me know! 


  1. Thank youuuuu Allison ! It's a pleasure to be with all those stylish and pretty girls !

  2. OMG!! You ladies look amazing!! I totally wanted to submit a pic but I am killer forgetful... oh well... you guys are giving me some serious color inspiration!!

  3. Yay!! This looks so awesome!!! I'm so glad I participated! These ladies look amazing! :)

  4. This color palette looks amazing! Thanks for allowing me to be a part of it :o)

  5. I just have one thing to say: Ohmygod, rock stars. Rock stars EVERYWHERE.

  6. Awww you did such a good job with this, thanks for inclufing me :)

  7. Everyone looks great!


  8. It looks great, I'm going to check out all the other girls blogs now for some colour inspiration. I love Shannon's bright blue dress! You could do it again with a different theme, the possibilities are endless :)
    Gem x

  9. YAY! Beauuuuuutiful ladies! New blogs to stalk, er umm, check out! :D

    Next time I'll make sure to get my pictures taken so I can submit lol

  10. Thank you so much for letting me take part in the challenge and for posting the pictures in such a great way!
    Everyone looks so beautiful. Go Colour!

  11. Thank you Allison!!! It was so cute! I love it!

  12. That was so much fun. Thanks for including me!

  13. Thanks for putting this together, Allison! It was so fun and I love seeing how everyone else wears color. And if you do a Style Challenge on a regular basis, I'll be sure to participate - I love this idea!


  14. Yourself (Allison) included, these are all some fabulously fashionable ladies in these pictures. This is a rainbow of lovely fashion from very lovely ladies.


  15. LOOOOVVEEEE!! So wish I had seen the roundup call! You girls are genius, love love. Inspires me to wear more color!

    jessica of www.fatshionchic.com

  16. Yay, everyone looks fab!

    PS. It's easier to wear colours like me, Miss Allison - buy it, put it on and walk out the door. ;)

  17. Thanks for including me in the round up! I am definitely inspired to keep moving with my color! Muah to all the curvy divas!
    S Nicole - the lush expert

  18. Sorry I'm a little late in responding - i've been rather disconnected, but thanks so much for including me in this!! It was a really fun blog project and looks great!!! It's so nice to see fun colours all over!