can't we just pretend

[ :: Forever21+ ruffled top :: Gap jacket :: Ann Taylor Loft jacquard skirt :: H&M belt x 2 :: ]
[ :: Jessica Simpson heels :: surevolution bangle via ideeli :: ] 

Lots and lots of color in this outfit. lol.

This is probably my favorite top ever from Forever21+. I picked it up during the Viva Fat Vegas conference last year! It's perfectly loose and flowy while being cut close enough to the body for it to not look sloppy. Too bad its threads are already starting to pull a bit. :( If it were still available I'd totally buy another one!

Anyway, I've already gotten a bunch of photo submissions for the Color Challenge! :D Everyone's outfits are so adorable--I can't wait to post them next week! :D I'll accept submissions up until Monday so there is plenty of time to participate. Don't forget to include your name and blog URL so I can post them with your photo! :D

Yours, Etc.


  1. Your tunic and sandals are very bold in color. With these spicy colors, your sweetness shows with lovely hair, a cute face, and that really sweet Allison smile of yours. The denim jacket and the skirt are a cute touch as well. You look fabulous!


  2. Those shoes are HOT!! You look adorable!


  3. Digging the colours in this outfit.

  4. amazing shoes, just genius!

    great ensemble,
    Annina of www.cinchedatthewaist.com

  5. The top is lovely and looks nice nipped in at the waist with the belt. The shoes are fab too, don't think they are available in the UK. I', always jealous when I see you in heels, I have loads of pairs but just can't walk in them :( x

  6. I love the shoe, the shape flatters your leg.

  7. That pop of color in the shoes & the top makes me dazzle with delight. I love the combo. Great combination.....


    S Nicole - the lush expert

  8. Ok, so I'll be on my way for those shoes ok? :D hehe Love that top, very cute. Hmm color challenge? I missed something!

  9. the ruffled top + the shoes = to die for
    lovin' the look!

  10. I never, ever would have picked up a light-wash denim jacket... But you make it look so good! Love this look :)

  11. Those shoes are giving me life right now!!! Seriously fabu!!! Love this outfit... I'm so behind on blogs that I missed the color challenge. Figures that I would be NOT wearing colors when there is a challenge to wear more color. DOH! lol.. but again... You look amazing!!

  12. I need so much more color in my life, you are showing me that, lol. Love this 'fit!