cali winters

[ :: H&M dress :: Banana Republic trench :: Asos fur snood :: H&M clutch :: gifted Torrid heels :: ]

I love the winter in Southern California--we may not get any snow but it definitely gets chilly enough to break out cute winter accessories like this fur "snood" (why is it called that??), and other warm and fuzzy things. :D

Happy holidays everyone! :D I hope you're all having a lovely week, filled with family, friends, awesome food, and celebrations! :)

Okay, I've got to get back to last minute Christmas shopping! hahaha
Talk about cutting it close this year! Clearly, I like to live on the edge. :P

Yours, Etc.

tough love

[ :: City Chic dress :: Gap leather jacket :: Kenneth Cole clutch :: ]
[ :: Topshop booties :: Banana Republic necklace :: ]

Hey guys! :) I was lucky enough to be included in City Chic's second Blogger Lookbook. I'm wearing the Animal Corset Dress, and I absolutely love it! I'm not really a print-wearing kinda girl, but I love the subdued animal print on the slightly shimmery denim. :)

You can check out a bunch of other bloggers rock their City Chic pieces in the Blogger Lookbook here! :)

Anyway, I never figured myself for the obsessive type, but I'm strangely "dedicated" to finding all the elusive Missoni for Target collab pieces. I can't wait to share some of my finds with you guys! :D Word on the street is that they're planning to re-release items just in time for the holidays!
Sneaky sneaky, Target. Well played.

Yours, Etc.

P.S. Did you hear? CurvyGirlChic was mentioned in People Stylewatch's Nov 2011 issue! :D hehe! 

nothing to lose

[ :: Asos chunky sweater :: F21+ faux leather skirt :: Topshop wedges :: Banana Republic necklace and bracelet :: ]
[ :: Evans ring :: no-name clutch :: ]

I had a whole post ready to go, talking about how obsessed I am with finding odds and ends from the Missoni x Target collaboration, chunky knits, and all the goodies I want to bust out for Fall, but the news of Steve Jobs' passing has overshadowed all my usual frivolity.

In memory of Steve Jobs, I wanted to post one of my favorite quotes. This came from the commencement address he gave at Stanford university in 2005. I try to always keep it in mind when making choices, and it's led me to some of my favorite moments in life. I hope it can do the same for you.

"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma—which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most importantly, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary." 
— Steve Jobs

Yours, Etc.


[ :: Gap tank :: Zara kimono top :: iT! skinnies :: Evans boots :: H&M cuff :: Coach bag :: ]

Shiny shiny shiny! I fell in love with this shimmery kimono-style cardigan when I stopped into Zara a couple weeks ago.  Little did I know that I'd be leaving a trail of sparkles wherever I go! Turns out, the lurex/shiny threading used sheds sparkles everywhere. lol! I'm like a modern day Hansel and Gretel. Just follow the trail of glitter! haha.

Are any of you guys as much of a sucker as I am when it comes to sparkly things? I'm so easily distracted. :P

Yours, Etc.


[ :: Carmakoma blazer :: H&M tshirt :: DIY ombre cutoffs :: Asos boots :: Michael Kors bag :: ]
[ :: Forever21 necklace :: Evans bangle :: ]

White after Labor Day! Global warming totally negates that outdated rule though, right? Because it's definitely still in the 80's and 90's here in Cali. Also, the blazer is actually a light blush tone that I'm absolutely in LOVE with, primarily because of how much it reminds me of Céline (the French design house, not the Canadian, fabulous though she is).

Also, I finally got around to DIYing these shorts I tweeted about a while ago! I know I'm super late on the trend, but I'm pretty sure these are going to be essential on my trip to Thailand. It was really easy, too! I just grabbed an old pair of jeans that were a little too loose for my liking, and cut the legs off (I used my H&M shorts to figure out what angle and length to cut at). Then, I made some 2 to 1, water to bleach solution, dipped my newly shorn shorts in, and waited! FOREVER. lol. Then I got kinda bored and started splashing upward and adding water for a more subdued effect than the Dries Van Noten pants that inspired this little hack job.

What do you think? :D Any other DIYs you recommend? I rather like getting crafty!

Yours, Etc.

just dandy

[ :: Gap bowtie shirt :: H&M skirt :: Badgley Mischka bag :: Topshop wedges :: ]

Kept things minimal and airy for one of those days so hot you'd rather be passed out half naked in front of a fan. Which is what I imagine it'll be like when I'm in Vegas this coming week for WWDMagic! I'm really excited to be attending and I hope to share with you guys at least a few photos of what's going on! :)  
I know it's a fashion event and people are going to be dressed in amazing clothes, but I kinda of just want to show up in shorts and the thinnest tshirts I can get away with wearing in public. 108º weather and I just don't get along very well, lol!

Oh well, a sneak peek on the styles that'll be coming out Spring 2012 will be so worth the heat! 

I probably won't be blogging in Vegas, but you can follow me on Twitter for up-to-the-minute updates! :)
*Sorry for the double post--having some serious blogger issues! Apologies for lost comments!

Yours, Etc.


[:: Dorothy Perkins buttondown :: F21 vest :: Gap leather jacket :: Newport News suede skirt :: ]
[ :: Michael Kors ankle strap heels :: Michael Kors gold clutch (bday present from the bf ) :: Banana Republic bracelet]

All the Fall fashion floating around has me wanted to layer and layer (and layer), apparently. It was way too hot for this outfit and I pretty much wore it for an hour before succumbing to the heat and changing. I'll definitely be wearing this look a lot when it gets colder though!

Anyway, I celebrated my 24th birthday this weekend (it was last Friday). Thanks twitter and FB friends for the crazy amount of birthday love! The weekend was a much-needed break from everything, and Summer birthdays are, of course, the best excuse EVER to eat ice cream cake. YAY! haha

In case anyone is interested, I'm totally selling this black suede mini (just a bit too small!).
For more info click here! I also have it in brown if anyone is interested. :)

Yours, Etc.

no sun in your shadow

[ :: Pure Energy tunic layered over AE dress :: H&M fringed cardi :: Asos backpack :: Torrid heels :: ]
[ :: H&M/SF street vendor/AE/BR bracelets :: Winter Market buddha necklace :: SoHo street vendor leaf necklace :: ]

Crazy wind and harsh light make for a thoroughly interesting photo-taking experience.

As much as I want to embrace new Fall styles, this toasty Southern California weather isn't quite allowing for it. Going to make it work though--I have a pair of gorgeous boots on its way to me. Now if only we could get those Fall items in store soon. I'm dying for more leather (as always), layers and layers of sheers, chunky knits, coats, and boots. So. Many. Boots.

Yours, Etc.