Shopping Spotlight: Faux Fur Collars

Recently, I've been on the hunt for an awesome fur collar. I love the look of fur collars on clothing but want something that's detachable and can be used on everything! To me, a fur accent is the perfect Winter style accessory--both fabulous and functional! Also, if you invest in a timeless, high-quality piece, it will last you a lifetime. If you’re looking for a genuine fur piece without all the controversy, a great place to look for unique pieces is thrift stores—they usually have fantastic pieces at very reasonable prices.

I put together a few looks to show how versatile fur pieces can be--they really are perfect complements for day or night, whether you're rocking a fur snood with jeans, a tee, and a leather jacket, or dressed up with a floaty dress and sky-high heels!

Faux Fur Glam
This outfit would be perfect for a night out with the girls, or even a casual date! I can also see this transitioning flawlessly from a casual Friday at work to Happy Hour or a night out on the town. 

Love Luxe Glam
I love how put together and luxe this look is—it’s the perfect outfit for a fancy date or event, and I love that the fur and the studded minaudiere balance out the sweetness of the ensemble with a little edge.

A few of my favorite faux fur pieces are below--What do you guys think??
Would you guys rock this look?

Yours, Etc.


  1. I would completely wear this. I'm in love with number 2 (the vintage 60s collar). I have noticed other bloggers wearing these and they all look great!

  2. OMG! I never thought I would like a faux collar until I was given one during a photo shoot. Needless to say, I was in love.

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE #1 I think i will get it with my bday money! I totally learned your love for fur as i was watching you run through all the fur coats at Macys in LA lol.

  4. My personal fav is the Juicy Couture Faux Fur Stole...it is simply lovely! I think I'm drawn to the ribbon.

    You will rock any of these so I say treat yourself! :-)

  5. Is the "faux" fur because you feel weird wearing real fur? Maybe you are allergic or something, but I love real Vintage fur collars. Generally they come attached to frumpy vintage coats and the whole thing is at most $30-40: detach the collar (usually back-lined with high qual satin and barely tacked onto the coat), re-donate the frumpy coat to Salvation army.

    If I want a fur collar to sit a certain way on the clothes I am wearing, I will often just sew it directly on with maybe 5 small tacking stitches. Easy to take off later.

    The asos tail thing here is special style-wise, but most of this other stuff you could go vintage pretty easy.

  6. my grandma just gave me a vintage fur collar... it was from a coat that shr had, but didn't care for the detachable collar too much. I havent figured out how to wear it yet, but I like the ideas in the photos, thanks!