ideeli: Plus Sizes!

It sounds a little ridiculous but I've been a member of ideeli for years now and I've purchased items twice. If you know me and my shopping habits, you understand that that's basically never. Why? Not because they don't have fabulous and gorgeous options, but because they simply don't carry my size, so I have to pick from the accessories (which are still awesome! I'm currently waiting on a ring from their noir sale!)

HOWEVER, my lovelies, I have some awesome news!! Starting tomorrow, ideeli will be having sample sales that include plus sizes! Some upcoming sales are Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, and Monif C., just to name a few. I think tomorrow they're having a sale from Mystique, which will include plus size lingerie! Va-va-vooom.

If you aren't a member yet, access to sales are invite only. Click here for a Curvy Girl Chic invitation! :D

[ :: Michael Kors :: ]

[ :: Calvin Klein :: ]

Happy shopping! :D

Yours, Etc.


  1. Oooh, thanks for the head's up! I'd been avoiding all sample sale sites like the plague, but I MAY have to hit this one up.

  2. I agree! Never anything bigger than a 12! I'm definitely looking into it a bit closer...

  3. Excellent news, and I'm ready to pounce on that!