photos by pudgeables

[ :: Torrid top :: H&M shorts :: Alice + Olivia for Payless oxfords (DIY tulle laces) :: ]
[ :: bag from Taiwan :: earrings from japan :: ]

Screwed around over the weekend with my favorite little person. It was the most fickle weather for photo-taking--cloudy, sunny, cloudy, gloomy, sunny,and on and on and on. In the end, we just ended up acting like a couple of idiots on a giant bridge and using the rapid-shot setting on my camera to take hilarious streams of photos. :D

I wanted to wear something super comfy since I knew we would be walking around all sorts of places--I decided that I wanted to wear my new alice+olivia oxford on which I DIYed the laces. I actually tied the tulle into a big fluffy bow to make it more interesting--hehe. :D

Anyway, having a 8am-5pm work schedule has definitely made me appreciate the weekends! I was totally out of it by the time Friday rolled around so on Saturday, I did what I do best...SHOP! :) I snagged a couple super cute things which I'll feature soon in an outfit post! The item I'm most excited about is a pair of shoes...the Jeffrey Campbell Mary Roks to be exact! After months of staring at and dreaming about those shoes, I caved and bought them! :D So excited to receive them!

Yours, Etc.

P.S. I'm not sure my blog updates show up in google reader and dashboard anymore due to the domain name switch...if I don't show up, please add my new address or the following feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/curvygirlchic

Thanks! <333 you guys! :D


  1. You look so cute! The shoes look adorable with the tulle laces. I hear on the 8-5 work schedule. Its seriously affecting my blogging abilities...LOL

    FYI I haven't had an issue getting your post on my google reader.

  2. Look at you in those cute oxfords!!

  3. Very cute and creative! Love it!

  4. love the DIY on the shoes! definitely adds a more girly touch :)

    Oh! and your post showed up just fine in my google reader!

  5. your outfits always look so comfortable AND chic! i <3 the oxfords.

  6. I don't know how you do, but you always look chic.

    I have a pair of oxfords and I'm gonna copy the tulle laces idea, thanks!

  7. Got the update from google reader

    You always look gr8 :-)

  8. So cute.
    You pull off those colours so well.

  9. You look so chill and relaxed. Those oxfords are super cute.


  10. Lovely blue that looks wonderful on you. Pretty pix.

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  12. super cute and casual chic as always. love the blue!