Lane Bryant Conference Recap! :)

Hi loves! :D

I'm finally in California now and just figured out a way to connect to my family's spotty internet! Woohoo! :D So I should be back to posting regularly--sorry for the long lapse! :X

Anyway! First and foremost, I want to say a huuuge thank you to Lane Bryant for hosting such an amazing conference--it was tons of fun and an amazing way to connect with other amazing bloggers as well as the fabulous Lane Bryant team! :)

The day started off on the absolutely BEST foot--SHOPPINGGG! :D The other 11 bloggers and I were treated to an early opening of the store and essentially given full reign of the place--I personally spent about half an hour just trying things on--so much fun!! :D I naturally gravitated towards jeans and a blazer...hehe! (Really stepped out of my box, I know. lol)

This is what I ended up wearing for the LB photo shoot:

[ :: Entire outfit gifted by Lane Bryant aside from shoes :: ]
[ :: tribal print smocked top :: ]
[ :: puffed short sleeve blazer :: ]
[ :: zip vent skinny jeans :: ]
[ :: spiked dome ring :: ]
[ :: mixed shiny bracelets :: ]
[ :: green crocodile clutch :: ]
[ :: Wanted black patent pumps :: ]

I also had my hair and makeup professionally done! It was super cool--snookie hair included! lol :)

Aside from the awesome makeovers and shopping, we also got to talk to members of the amazing Lane Bryant team, including Brian Woolf--President of Lane Bryant, Jay Dunn--VP of Marketing, and Robert Rutkauskas--Senior Designer of Trend/Color/Fabric/CAD. We also received some fabulous news regarding the future of Lane Bryant its upcoming plans! The piece of information I am most excited about is that Lane Bryant plans on launching a younger plus size line called Loop18 in August! I know that many fatshionistas consider LB's current selection a little boring or plain, so I'm very interested to see what the Loop18 collection will bring to the mix. :)

For those of you who asked about shorter pant lengths, I don't think they will be having petites again, but there were some ideas thrown out by bloggers who mentioned having on-site tailors?? I thought that was a pretty cool idea. :D

Also, you should definitely check out the Lane Bryant online community, Inside Curve! It's a cool way to get lots of plus size news, exclusive offers, stylist tips and tons more--plus you can share your favorite LB outfit photos with the rest of the community! :)

I'm sure there's lots more but I'm sleeeeepy. and fuzzy brained. :) So I'll post a part II with all the information I'm missing! I'll leave you with this lovely group photo though--these women were seriously amazing to meet, so hilarious, gorgeous, and so incredibly wonderful! :)

Yours, Etc.


  1. aww wow look how amazing you all look ! your looking stunning xx im defo going to look at that community ;-)

  2. You looked amazing! At first when I saw the video I couldn't tell it was you LOL. I was like WOAH snookie hair.


  3. I definitely enjoyed learning the inside info on Lane Bryant's new line via Twitter.


  4. Girl, you look amazing. Dou you know if they deliver to Canada?

  5. Ah thanks for sharing all the info. So glad to hear it was so positive and you had great time. So exciting to hear about the Loop18 line. Can't wait to hear and see more about it.
    Love your outfit, and the hair is cute, but I love your hair the way you wear it normally best!

  6. Great re-cap Allison. We enjoyed learning from you guys - thanks for all the wonderful ideas and fun day!

    The Lane Bryant Team

  7. Good to hear they'll introduce some younger stuff. Found them a bit "classic" last few times I went in....bummer about the discontinued petites tho.

  8. I'm probably not part of the official Loop 18 age demographic...but I'm pretty excited about it too! I was so happy to meet you, Allison - you really rocked that Snookie hair!

  9. giiirrrlll ure hair is the shizzz-neett! and loop 18 ?!?!? YES!!!!

  10. How wonderful! I wish our local plus size shops would throw these types of events. You have such a wide variety of plus size shops in the US and ours is so slim (no pun intended).

  11. Hello, random question but did u happen to get the name of the photog for you LB shoot? Thanks! http://gumdropswap.blogspot.com