Shopping Spotlight: Plus Size Swimwear!

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That's typically the feeling that most fatshionistas get when swimsuit season comes around. Well, for me at least. lol. I've got all sort of bits that I'd prefer not to hang out, and can get extremely self-conscious about my flabbiness/poochiness/jigglyness! (like flabby arms, anyone? am I alone on this? lol) Growing up in multiple beach towns, however, I've learned to deal with it. Having an awesome swimsuit and some handy cover ups always helps! :D

HOWEVER, I'm seriously disappointed by the selection available to plus sizes. I mean, seriously! It's ridiculous! How difficult is it to make trendy swimwear for plus sizes? I've always had a tough time finding plus size swimsuits that are cute and chic--I feel like the people who decided that plus size women belong in muumuu's also designed our swimsuits, lol. Personally, I prefer all black one pieces which makes things easier (preferably halter top with plunging neckline :P), but that's just me!

Anyway, these are some swimsuits I think are chic and trendy--let me know what you think! :)

Miraclesuit Aurora Swimdress: $152

I love this! It's sort of like the iconic Marilyn Monroe dress but in black swimsuit form. I really like the criss-cross ruching and the asymmetrical top-seam of the skirt is a nice touch. too. I kind of want to buy this and pair it with a massive floppy wide-brim hat and some big sunnies! :D Goes up to 24W.

I looove the top of this swimsuit! The underwire bra is awesome for er.. chesty women, and the shape and straps lend a sort of sexy retro look. Love it!

YESSS. Finally a swimsuit with color. That isn't Hawaiian print.

I love the portrait neckline! super flattering! Love the retro shape of this piece as well. Such an awesome color on a bunch of different skin tones, too! :)

Okay. Favorite color, gold accents, ridiculously sassy cut and length. Done. 

Arrr, matey! lol. I love this--the gold underbust is so cute and JUST flashy enough. Plus, since it's just the top, you can pick what kind of bottom you'd like (skirted, boy shorts, bikini, etc!)

Love bright punchy colors like this for swimwear! while I tend to gravitate toward black (in all my clothing choices) I love this hot pink! The strapless top is super sexy and I love the little ties on the sides of the hips!

Hehe! So many ruffles! Not sure i would actually wear this one, but I love how floofy this swimsuit looks! Must look weird when it gets wet though... I guess it's best for someone who just plans on lounging! :)

Alright, I'm usually not a fan of Old Navy, especially not their plus size items, but I'll admit--this is pretty cute. I'm not saying it's great quality, but cuteness and wearability-wise? *STAMP OF APPROVAL*

What are your go-to styles for bathing suits?
I featured all one-pieces since that's what I typically look for--do any of you ladies wear bikinis?
A lot of you are probably ballsier than me in that department, so let me know! :D 

What's your beachwear?

Yours, Etc.


  1. I wear a one-piece. Usually speedo or sports brand, lolz. I'm on the hunt for good swimsuits, thanks!

  2. i saw the ON plus swimsuits a few weeks ago... and i was totally thinking how wonderful they look! these are great picks :)

    i usually do a tank over a bikini top and these awesome zebra print short board shorts that ive had for years (and im now thinking i should probably replace soon) but i wear a bikini bottom with the tank and bikini top sometimes now :) yaaay to confidence! lolz


  3. YAY BAGEL!! it's up! Ifeel like less of a distraction this time.[i know how that sentence is false but it makes me feel better lol] :) AND the land's end halter tank one is classic you.

  4. I like a swimsuit with underwire. My jugs need underwire.

  5. I love the lands end swimwear, I own a tankini from them, which is underwired, fits perfect and is really comfy. I like it, cause you can choose a nice color and than buy different bottoms for it. And I think a Tankini is much more comfy than a swimsuit, if you can to go to the tiolett and all these things :)

    But from the things you picked I think I like most the land end suit and the pink one!

  6. I like the nautical one! oooh this reminds me to search for a new swimsuit, the humid summers here are too hot to not go for a dip!

  7. Oh man, I really wish that Resorts Plus Retro Swimsuit was available in a colour that doesn't make me look strung out.

  8. @iza woohoo for body confidence! lol :) you go girl with your skimy bikini! ;)

    @bethamint: it also comes in black and teal! :)

  9. lately I've been going for swimsuits, but it's too hard to tan wearing those so I force...FORCE myself into a bikini...:/

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  11. You are definitely not alone on the flabby arms, me too :(. But I have a swimsuit that makes me feel sexy, its a one piece and its similar to the Miraclesuit ;)

  12. The purple one is my fav! Love the color with the gold accents. I am definitely a skirted bathing suit kinda gal. I tend to gravitate toward them. I also love a long colorful sheer wrap to throw on over a plain black suit. Thanks for the spotlight... I would rock them all!

    Lexy of Beautylicious Fashionista

  13. I'm really loving the Old Navy swim suits this year! This is a great post! :)

  14. I love the retro suit, I think i may have to go purchase it now!

  15. Love the pink and coral ones!
    I've never worn a bikini, finally got a tankini for the first time last year. Usually a good ol one piece does it for me. My favorite one is a paprika orange colour, with an incredibly plunging neckline and beads sewn on around the neckline. It makes me feel hot.


  16. i love the torrid one !

    i used to wear a bikini top with shorts because i didnt have much of a stomach ... but that ended because of perverts =.(

    but now i pretty much just wear basketball shorts and a tank ... i sit on the edges of pools because i cant swim lol ... [ oceans give me the creeps ! ]

  17. I go on holiday in a month and have been looking for the perfect swimsuit! So this was veryyy helpful! I love the third one!

  18. I like the Old Navy swimsuit. The print is really great and fun. I also like the purple one with the gold accents. I think you should go for the Old Navy one, fun and affordable. Win.

  19. I really like the Old navy one! You should also check out modcloth.com. They have retro plus size swim suits in COLORS! Yay!

  20. You're not alone when it comes to having flabby arms. I can't help but always pick an outfit that will hide my arms at all times. It's such a pain sometimes.

    If only the miraclesuit wasn't $152, it's adorable. But the purple swimdress is a good alternative, I'm definitely going to have to buy one!

    Such a helpful post, especially now that tanning seasons is here. Thanks!

  21. almost every swimsuit that i own i purchased from swimsuitsforall.com {i just ended a $75 giveaway for their site}


    and they have a huge selection of colorful cute swimsuits, cover-ups, etc for plus sizes

  22. I hate wearing swimsuits. Swimwear is definitely the type of clothing that I've never felt comfortable with and I'll go to great lengths not to wear! BUT if I could afford it, that first suit is enough to get me to the beach lmao

  23. Really? Beacause I want to wear something that clings to every piece of self esteem issue I have? uggghhh but when I had to... Newport News has plus size shape fx bathing suits that actually make you appear slimmer...I wore them in Europe last summer. Cute swim dress style with a spanx effect and underwire...Check it out girls, trust me cute...and I hate swim wear!

  24. I lovee that purple swim dress I usually hate them but that one is so cute! I've bought my last 2 bathing suits at Sears but they are both from vogue and one is a really nice black halter!

  25. Swimsuits have always been tricky for me - especially when large breasts come into play, oh man. But I think, slowly but surely, they are coming out with some better styles.

    Love your blog, been reading it for a few months but thought I'd say hey. And you inspired me - recently opened up my own online shop.


  26. I love the purple one and the black one with the ruffles down the front. I live right outside of Ft. Lauderdale, swimsuit city, right? Luckily I have a pool in my backyard so no one but my family needs to see the flab.

  27. The swimsuits are fabulous! I especially like the purple one.

  28. i'm not usually a swimsuit person but i think i just made a 180. they look just fab

  29. It's so hard to find a swimsuit...waaaahhh.....waaaahhh! That's me every summertime! I always end up getting a miraclesuit of some sort b/c it has underwire (which, btw, mine ripped last year!) and sucks me in! I always get a solid color. There are some super hot options now for ladies w/curves, such as myself, but really? why would anyone make a plus size bathing suit w/out some hefty duty straps and/or underwire???? I just can't without the underwire, thus...it's hard to find! Come by and checkout my giveaway from Fashion to Figure! www.everdaywear.blogspot.com

  30. This plus size swimwear is great. I hate showing my flaws.

  31. Great Blog - love the swimsuit choices.
    HATE trying them on though!!

  32. I love how retro suits are back in style this season, definitely makes things easier for us gals, but anyone know of any short sleeve swimsuits, other than the $300 dollar ones at Macy's. I''m trying baby steps to get out of my usual rashguard tops and long board shorts.

  33. I also love those solid black ones, my dream suit... But oh my, I own that Carol Wior Solid Ruffle one, or probably a knock off, since I didn't pay $100 for mine. I actually quite enjoy it.

  34. WOW, these are just too pretty! i loved the leopard printed one the most. the black ones are great too.

    Nice post!


  35. I love the high waisted bikinis at swimsuitsforall but that leopard one piece is beautiful