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[ :: Faith21 tank :: Gap boyfriend t :: H&M skirt :: Forever21 bracelet and clutch :: ]
[ :: AE pearl&chain necklace :: headband from taiwan :: Torrid heels :: ]

So a super nice reader asked me a question about shopping at H&M--I've sort of answered this before in the Q&A post, but I'll break it down with a little more detail here.

Q: A lot of the stuff you get is from H&M and I'm just wondering what size it is and are you buying in the US or UK? I'm a size 16 and I figured the stuff in the US store isn't going to fit me.Thanks so much!

A: Okay. So. I'm a size 18 top, 16 bottom and I shop at the H&M stores in the US (no plus-size range). 
From recent posts, the purple ruffled toppink mesh floral top, and the stripey oversized top are all size L, the polka dot dress is a 14, the light blue stripey dress with tie front is a 14, white blazer is a 16, so on and so forth. My point is that you can make many different sizes work for you! The polka dot skirt I'm wearing today is an L but I could easily have fit into a S (it's suuuuuuuper stretchy! you can fit a whole other me-sized person in!).
My method when shopping H&M is to grab the largest size they have and see how that works. 
I don't want to sound like a broken record but the thing you have to do is have the patience to try stuff on. Pay attention to what fabric a piece is made out of, as well as how it's cut--if it's cut to be oversized or is made of a fabric with a lot of stretch, it'll be more forgiving than a tight non-stretch top.

Whew. That was kind of a mouthful but I hope that helps! I seriously love getting emails and questions from readers so keep them coming! I'll do my best to answer them! :)

Yours, Etc.

**Sorry for the repost! The formatting was totally hating on me and wouldn't show up right!! :( Sorry about the lost comments! :(


  1. Cool outfit. I whent to H&M the other day and Im compleatly in love with their assesorys. Affordable plus cute :D

  2. I am a polkadot freak. Love the skirt and shoes. Great advice, you must try on!

  3. you look adorably gorgeous! :)

    I love the whole outfit but I'm a shoe lover and those shoes are amazing!

    I need to try stuff on more often. I'm bad at that and when I go with my mom, she never has the patience lol

  4. Love that skirt and those shoes! Very cute!

  5. You look goregous as always, the skirt is super cute :)

    Check out my blog and follow please :D


  6. This is my kind of outfit! Adorable!

  7. j adore !

    ta tenue et les photos noir et blanc,extra top !



  8. Great H&M advice! At least that's what I do and my store has a plus size section lmao. I find the regular section has better sizing anyway!

  9. Beautiful as usual Allison! Great advice for H&M! I'm a size 20/22 so if I can shop at H&M, surely a size 16 can as well!!

  10. as usual, love the outfit & the pictures
    p.s. i'm the nice person with the "nice person question" :p

  11. Thanks guys! <3

    and LOL Thanks felly! <33 haha hooray for people like you--there's just too much hate going around lolol :)

  12. I love that polka dot skirt with those patent leather peep toes. Girl after my own heart.

  13. hi:)

    You look amazingggggg, ohhh I'm in love with this outfit:)

    You look so gorgeous as always.
    Have a lovely weekend

  14. I am the reader that asked you the question about H&M and after you told me to just try it, I did..and guess what? I found a bunch of stuff! I couldn't believe it! I bought a dress, three tops and a jacket. I can't thank you enough because being able to go into a "regular" store and buy something off the rack hasn't happened to me since I was in high school (I'm 35) and it was an incredible feeling. It made my whole day, week and year and now I have the confidence to just try stuff on. I can't thank you enough, you really made a huge difference in life! woo hoo!!!