Crystal Renn Walks for the Chanel Cruise Collection

I love Chanel, and I love Crystal Renn. I do NOT love how they look together. Aside from the first outfit (which I actually kind of love) with the classic Chanel top, denim skirt, and OTK boots, the looks are sort of...atrocious. I mean really, Renn looks like a cross between a Victorian and a pirate in her third look. Not cool.

As glad as I am that Uncle Karl included a "plus size" model into his show, I think that the problem remains the same as with other straight-size designers who've featured plus models--lack of understanding. Clothes don't hug and skim curvy women the same way that they hug or skim rail thin models. The second look explains quite a lot--boobies! Clearly that dress would make much more sense on a chestless model. On Renn, it makes her look like she has man-pecs.

Anyway, Enough bashing. I suppose this should be considered a win for the plus-size community, but I'm just sort of unimpressed. Regardless, the following of Chanel's Cruise Collection looks really did wow me.

[via style.com]

I think Crystal would have looked 350,000 times better in any of these 4 outfits.
What do you ladies think? Anything to get excited about?

Yours, Etc.


  1. I actually really like that second dress you have there of Crystal. Madison Plus posted a slight side view and I though it looked so great... I also love how the black block of colour across her body works with the hips and waist.

    As you know, Karl used to be pretty big himself and I think he has actually done a pretty okay job here. While I agree that in the third shot Ms. Renn does look like she could don a wooden leg and parrot shoulder - the cut actually doesn't look bad on her at all - I think the belt helps this outfit immensely and that overall third look is similar to some of the stuff Elena Miro just sent down her (plus-size) runway in Milan.

    I do agree that she would have rocked those last two "straight-size" looks you posted.

    A problem I keep seeing on the runway with Crystal at the moment is that she isn't looking that pretty or good... does anyone else think that? I keep looking at her (incl. at the London Mark Fast Show and the Elena Miro Milan show) and thinking she is looking kind of sullen... I know models aren't supposed to be grinny - but I see a distinct difference between her here, and the models you have posted below her... her cheeks look like they have sunk. She still looks okay - but not great - I am not seeing this in editorials at all - in fact, I think she is looking fierce in all the stills I've seen of her lately - but I am looking at a lot of her runway shots and thinking that something doesn't look quite right.

  2. I quite like the second piece Crystal wore, a pair of heels and a smile would make it even better!

    I agree with Em above, she looked dreadful in the Mark Fast show but there was an article in The Times this saturday with pics and she looked as fabulous as ever.

    I think she could totally work the last two 'straight' looks - so all in all, not perfect Karl, but we're getting there!

  3. I know we're in the fashion world but it still bugs me that Crystal is still considering plus size. She's lost so much weight recently. I quite like the second dress she is wearing but I gotta say it'd look even better with a smile on her face. ;)

  4. I also do like the second dress alot, the thins is that she doesn't look happy at all, more like: I don't wanne dooo this maaaamaaa....


  5. i LOVE the first outfit. i want to wear it to uni but id nevvvvver get away with it! but yeah, the other two pics, the outfits are just plain unflattering.

  6. I agree with you Allison, I think Crystal would've looked better in the other outfits. She isn't the same, her vibe isn't the same. When I first came across her, she was vibrant without having to smile, nowadays she's just like all the other "sullen" models. She's still beautiful, but she is going off of my radar slightly.

  7. Agree with you Allison. But Crystal looks ok tho, cool to see her in a chanel runway show. :) I think maybe the pirate outfit would have looked better with another bottom piece right .:)

  8. j adore la robe du milieu dans les trois collees au debut de ton article ;O)

  9. I think it's great that plus sized models are FINALLY taking the stage. But, it's so devastating to me that Crystal is considered plus sized. She has lost so much weight, she looks thin by normal standards. She also has a sullen, sunken in look that she never had before. So sad.

  10. i miss crystal's old curves. :-/

  11. Karl is blasphemous and the looks are eh (okay. A little bit more fierceness could have helped.

  12. Do you also find it weird that she looks sort of dead and not so springy or fun as the other ones? I haven't seen the entire collection but the other looks seem like they would have suited her far better than the ones they picked for her.