Blog Spotlight on FatShopaholic!

Hi loves! 

Sorry I've been away for the weekend, but hot humid weather and I are NOT good friends. The last thing I felt like doing was putting clothes on and standing in the hot humid sun just to share my horrid sweat-stained photos with you! lol =X It's pretty freaking hot--I mean seriously--just under 90 degrees at the beginning of May?! Geeeez. I don't know what I'm gonna do in Vegas. Probably just laze by the pool and drink mojitos! Hehe. (I'd say margaritas but tequila gives me a headache. It's like.. having a hangover without ever being drunk, lol.)

Anyhow, I promise I'll get back on track, regardless of weather--to tide you all over, I thought I'd let you know I was featured in a Blog Spotlight on Fat Shopaholic! :) Fat Shopaholic is an amazing blog written by Tiff, an even more amazing woman, so definitely check it out! :) It tends to go on for a bit.. sorry... blame my typical rambling! lol.

Heart you guys! :D

Yours, Etc.

3 days and counting! <3 
(If you can't tell...that's one of Monte Carlo's pools...yes, it's a lazy river. Sweeeeet. )


  1. lol i hateeeeeee the heat too =.)

  2. OMG, my hair and the humidity had it out this weekend too and the humidity WON! :( I love the warm weather, but I don't like it for my hair.

    OMG I wanna go back to Vegas!!! or maybe I just wanna be somewhere warm enough to lounge by the pool and sip vodka and pineapple juice all day too! oOo have fun for all of us!!! :)

  3. Alright, I guess humidity isn't that glamorous but still. So jealous you get to laze on that lazy river! Ahh! :) Have fun.

    Also, that interview made me love you x10 more. You have such an awesome personality lol!

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