what a s-teal

[ :: trusty Banana Republic blazer :: Old Navy applique top :: AE shorts :: ]
[ :: H&M belt, shoes, & headband :: Isabella Fiore bag :: ]

I have serious issues with the Old Navy plus size range. I'm 5'8", okay? Why the hell do all of their dresses go down to mid calf on me? Why anyone would want to make themselves look short via unflattering dress lengths is beyond me. Also, I'm relatively positive that the dress I bought was described as knee-length. As someone who is NOT short, that's just absurd. Ugh. Whatever. At $17 I guess i can't complain too much! The swirly detail thingy at the top is just too cool to pass up. Plus, I like it as a top more anyway so I asked my mama to hem it for me since I have ZERO sewing skills (MUAHAHA! WORK, MINION!...totally JK. I'd get a Chinese beatdown if I ever said that.) 

Anyway! Went to the Institute of Contemporary Art todayyyy. Then stood on these massive over-exaggerated steps taking photos until I realized that the "wall" I was taking photos in front of was really a giant window...opposite rows and rows of bleacher-like seats filled with people...staring out of it...right at me, being my usual idiot self during photos. Super awkward. Needless to say I turned BEET-RED and hightailed it outta there!

Has that ever happened to you guys?? Or am I the only one who is completely oblivious to these things?!

Yours, Etc.

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  1. aww ur so goofy sumtimes! i <3 it... yesss much cuter as a top! i dunno wut it is about old navy... they just size funny... at least for me, and u too apparently lolz

    thats sooo funny that that happened! im sure thats happened to me at least once... dont worry girl... from the looks of the pictures... they were gettin a pretty good show ;)

    and im a bored insomniac so i'll probably have a couple headers for u by morning ;)

  2. IZAAAA!!! But it was so bad! I'm super fidgety when I do my photos! Like I fidget with my hair and shorts and bra straps and everythinggggg lol it was so so bad =X

  3. love the dress! the color looks great on you :)

  4. tres joli,je n oserais pas sur moi,je suis peu etre trop vieille et trop complexee mais ca ta va tres bien !

  5. That's so funny! But you look so cute they were probably enjoying your 'show'! :)

    I also have an issue with dress lengths. I'm a (mere) 5'6, but recently when buying and trying on dresses I've noticed that they're getting shorter and shorter...must be a recent trend or something! I don't like it! I've even started looking at the 'Tall' ranges in some shops (Dorothy Perkins for example) because they, obviously, have longer length dresses and skirts.

    PS: I love your look so much, I even got myself a blazer yesterday! Now I just need to get your stylishness to go with it too...I bet it won't look as cool and cute on me as they do on you!

  6. I could try to make you a new header, LOL. Idk. It depends on what you want?!

    Anyway. Wow. Blue is totally your colour. Most of your outfits made me wish we had an H&M here. I have to take a 2 hour flight to get to my nearest one. :P



  7. Oh God! I'm cringing for you, I hate when things like that happen and there's this moment where you're like do I play it cool or run off in shame!? lmao

  8. I LURVE that dress turned top! Fantastic. And I too agree that for some reason many plus size retailers think just because we are big that we're also tall. I'm 5'5 and always need to get my damn pants hemmed.

  9. Just started following, love it girl!
    I agree on the length of dresses lately. Imagine when your 5'2, it is so hard to find a nice knee-length dress? The tailor is my best friend lately.. lol

  10. You look stunning, absolutely stunning. You have the best skin, hair color, shape, smile...I mean I could honestly go on. And I love love love your style! You're working with more than I have in my entire wardrobe (which is why I don't do personal style shoots that often, lol). You've definitely earned my support and adoration : )

    off with her head!

  11. Old Navy is kind of a mixed bag. I like their stuff but so many people have problems with it. Any chance you can hem the dress or take it to a seamstress/tailor for hemming? I've noticed that it's surprisingly affordable to get someone to make a minor alteration like that.

  12. So if the dress was mid-calf length on you, it totally would have been a maxi dress on me, seeing as I am a whopping 5'3"...LOL It definitely looks super cute as a top!

    And I literally LOL'd at your story about the window. Don't worry, you're so cute they all probably thought you were on a professional photoshoot!! ;)

  13. You are such a goof! I adore you. Love that color on you and the detail at the top is really great!

  14. LOVE the last photo muffin
    <3 bagel

  15. This post cracked me but I totally agree. I'm 5'8 and seriously have the same problem. Yet I also have the issue with dresses being insanely freaking short. I mean, seriously, at least you can pull off the short shorts. Lucky!