tell monday i've been good and i don't want to sleep anymore

[ :: Torrid bubble hem off-shoulder sweater :: H&M skirt :: blue heart earrings w/ crystal accents :: ]
[ :: AE rope-chain bracelet :: Rebecca Minkoff steady satchel :: AE animal print flats :: ]

Anyway, here we are with boring old backgrounds again 'cause it's raining. Again. And I refuse to bring my baby (camera) into the rain. That thing was such an invest I'll be damned if I'm not passing that on down to my grandkids! Hmph.

I love these new flats!! They're super comfortable and I got them for $12! :D Yay for good deals. :)
[Right now, all clearance items are an additional 30% off, AND, if you use discount code "51092661", you get an ADDITIONAL 15% off! :D] Anyway, I had lots of fun putting this outfit together! The top is actually a dress from Torrid of which I snipped off the bottom hem... hehe :D You can see the original  for only $20 now here! This is about as much DIY ability I have in me. (Although I have been checking out those DIY's Iza has been linking! She commented on my chains post with this hot little project.) 

Anyhow, I get the feeling I'll be wearing these flats into the ground, just I do I all my other flats...as much of a heel girl as I am, living in Boston without a car makes wearing heels on a daily basis nearly impossible! Plus, my mom gives me so much grief going on and on about how I won't be able to walk when I'm 60 if I wear 5 inch heels everyday. Okay mama, I get itttttttt. Does this mean you'll pay for my "sensible" shoes? :D

Yours, Etc.

P.S. Enter the Isabella Fiore Clutch Giveaway! And guys...please read the instructions. I heart ya'll but seriously. Just saying "OMGAWESOMEENTERME" will not count. Sorry. Oh, and YES, the giveaway is open to international readers! I heart you guys! :)


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  2. I love this outfit hon - That skirt is divine... I was thinking, initially, "wow, I wonder what the top of that dress looks like"... really nice. x.

  3. I love this outfit!! It so pretty!! I love the braclet aswell!



  4. I love this outfit, you look so chic my dear :)

  5. I love you so much, you're so pretty and that outfit really suits you and your style. xx

  6. I love the shirt! I saw you tweet about the flats and was wondering when you would be posting pictures of those. What a good deal.

  7. I wish I could find clothes like that where I live. You always look so fabulous!

  8. its funny because i hear all the time that flats are so bad for your feet yadda yadda (because i wear predominantly flat shoes) lolz

    wow i would have never thought to do that with the top! looks way cute like that too... how'd u get it to still bubble w/o that band at the bottom?

    those are such cute earrings too :) lolz thanks for the mention & u can thank all the DIY blessed bloggers i follow lolz

    - Iza

  9. Love what you did to this dress and those flats are lovely!


  10. lovely! love the top! that bag is nice! I am not big fan of gold but I am digging that bag!

  11. aaawww ure looking so sweet and innocent here with a fab purse ... ure soooo cute!