Shopping Spotlight: Chain Me Up

[ :: above three from armor :: ]

[ :: above three from peoplescouture :: ]

[ :: above three from peaceimages :: ]

more ear cuff love...

[ :: above three from dearbearcat :: ]

I am about 3 seconds and a lapse of self-restraint from buying all of these. The ear cuffs are so completely bad ass.

***EDIT: i totally just caved and bought an ear cuff from dearbearcat. yay! can't wait to receive it and post outfit photos!! :D

What do you ladies think? Would you wear these??

Yours, Etc.


  1. i love the ear hook thingy! i'm not quite sure if i could actually pull off those other pieces :/... the shoes are hot though... you need to check out this DIY... like... i am IN LOVE... i'm so ready to do it! @__@


    - Iza

  2. thanks for the feature and for shopping at Dear Bearcat! i hope you like your new ear cuff :) i absolutely love those other stores and their work.

    x Jessy

  3. The back detail on the first photo is AMAZING!!!


  4. Yeah, the detail in the back of the shirt in the first photo is awesome. So pretty!!

    La Stylin Girraffe!

  5. Love the one shoulder chain and the ear cuffs, but I'd want some action going on through the ear otherwise I'd just feel as though I was walking around with a necklace/coat hanger hanging from my head. I'm curious to see you work it though!

  6. Man I looove chains too! I really like these and the other ones you posted from Jcrew. I adore the shoulder ones. Can't wait to see how you rock the ear cuff!