nothing substantial but structured unstructured

[ :: H&M lace-inset bubble hem top :: H&M white blazer :: iT! rising starlet skinnies :: earrings from Japan :: ]
[ :: NY&Co & other bracelets :: bag from I forget where... :: Steve Madden heels :: ]

I used to wear these heels on every date I went on. They were my power heels. My sex on legs heels. They're a beasty 4.5 inch heel (I seem to be favoring that height recently? lol) and honestly, don't even feel that tall. The bf makes fun of me when I wear them though...'cause he ends up being shorter than me by a couple inches. lol Not my problem! 

Anyway, sort of fell back in love with this blazer and lacey top when I pulled them out of my closet for the shop. The top is suuuper comfy with a lace chest and back (strapless required!) and a super swishy bubble hem. :D And the blazer? Well.. yeah. Yet another blazer from my collection. lol.
What do you guys think? Keep or sell? lol. 

By the way, for those of you who were on the twitterverse today....wow. Just...wow. LOL. It was better entertainment than a 6 hour marathon of really shitty reality tv. I might write about it later, but for now...just...wow.

Yours, Etc.


  1. All I can say is wow, nice outfit. Keep it! Well, if you see yourself wearing those pieces instead of letting it marinate in your closet for another few months. :P

    I love those shoes. I still need to find my "power heels!" Hahaha.


  2. Love this outfit!! That clutch is so pretty! =)

  3. So pretty, love the blouse and shoes!

  4. very nice :) a white blazer is a hard thing to pull off but u do it so classy and tastefully

    yeah u really gotta have that conversation w/yourself as to whether ur really gonna put the pieces to good use if u DONT put them in the store... but i'm biased... i keep everything that looks nice on me lolz :P

    and yes! u should write about earlier! i told u i wanna hear more of what YOU have to say :)

    - Iza

  5. i think you should keep it. those jeans look great on you too !

  6. oh i vote to keep this i think this is the best outfit i have seen on you in the last few weeks ;-) xxxx

  7. Gorgeous outfit as usual, I love that lacey top.
    And yeah... twitter was getting pretty crazy, heh.
    Christina from musings made me cry laughing with that pic of MJ eating popcorn.

  8. oh my, so classy and sexy at the same time, nice with the white blazer! :D

  9. Love the outfit, you look so put together. Those shoes are killer!


  10. I really like the top and the blazer. I think you put the two together very well. I especially like the top because one of my favorite combination is black and lace. I'll look forward to seeing it in the shop if you decide to put them there.

  11. oh dang! did I miss something?! Yes, write about it!

    Oh and dude, love the shoes! Way cute. I added a white blazer to my "wish list" lol You're making me a bit jealous!

  12. Haha i was totally eating popcorn and watching the twidrama too! Love this outfit on you dahling, those heels are SEXY i love them and I can see how you feel back in love with that blazer and top!


  13. You look so chic! If I were you I'd keep the pieces for now :-)

  14. sheesh ... i wish i could fit in to jeans like u! u seriously look amazing love ... wanna go out on a date and be my eye candy?

  15. I adore this, especially the top! The cheeky touch of lace is too cute.

  16. woooww you look so chic:)) I love your outfits so much, you really are so creative.

    Thank you dear:)
    I've registered myself as a follower, I'm so clumsy I forgot:)

  17. LOVING your style! HOT! :)

    Lexy (Beautylicious Fashionista)