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[ :: H&M top and skirt :: Michael Shannon heels :: Paradox leather clutch :: ]
[ :: bracelet from some sale on ideeli :: Heartdance ring :: necklace from TW :: ]

YESSSSSSS! Just booked our trip to Vegas! :D Free flights, and discounted hotels. LOVE bargain travel without sacrificing quality! :D Can't wait for gorgeous warm pool-side weather and shopping! :) Not that I really need to be buying anything else. I've been very bad at restraining my shopping...:( But I couldn't help it! I ended up snagging these ankle boots at the Topshop sale today--$90 down from $160--and only left in my size (now sold out completely)! PLUS, I have a student advantage code saved for another 10% off! Came out to $96 with  $15 flat rate shipping. :) So happy since I've been in love with them since I posted about them here!

Oh, and to continue with my string of embarrassing moments, I'm pretty sure I mooned a hotel doorman today. Lots of fun. Totally wearing bright green polka dot underwear. Classy.

Yours, Etc.

P.S. HUGEEE thanks to IZA who offered to make me a new header! This girl is awesome! xo

P.P.S. Would anyone be interested in these Michael Shannon heels if I put them in the shop? They're comfortable on my 10W feet, and are actually a size 11M. I love the shoes but my ankles slide out when I'm walking :(  Would probably post for $30. They're in great condition 'cause I never wear enough light colors to justify wearing off-white shoes! lol.


  1. You pulled a great outfit! I have the same shirt as the one you're wearing XD I really love your bracelet the gemmed ribbon is so cute. Definitely can't wait to see the outfits you wear in Vegas. Can't wait to see the recent shoes you just bought, especially the one you snagged for 90 bucks!

  2. you look so angelic !

    and i am soooo jealous that you got the shoes and their sold out now ! =.)

  3. you look great dear, love you striped top!

  4. lovin the combo girls, loving the combo ;)

  5. What a sweet outfit, love the shoes (too big for me 8-( I love them though and I love your accessories. Great job!

  6. You know I always love your outfits. :) So cute! Love the colours. Lucky, going to Vegas!

    Hmm.. embarrassing moments.. I kind of blocked them out of my mind, LOL..

  7. Looking great, I love that second picture of you, you look beautiful.


  8. very sweet outfit..and i dont think i own a shoe that light..need to address that..

    and i am sure the mooning was a pleasant surprise for the guy..way better than the time my skirt hit the wind and lets just say my undies were not polka dot..they were more string like!



  9. Just out of curiosity, who is taking these fabulous shots of you? Whoever deserves high praise!

    I did Vegas for my wedding in December. It was SO much fun. I do want to pass along that pick-pocketing has become a huge problem there, so if you're going down the boulevard keep your wallets in hard to reach places. I encountered two people in person who both had Vegas pick-pocketing incidents in the past few months.

  10. So lucky, I need to get their soon! I have been denying myself a nautical stiped top, but seeing how adorable you look in this outfit, Ive got to get one! xoxo

  11. I love the header... LOVE it.

    Your detail shots are also just amazing. x.

    So excited for you in Vegas too!

  12. I love this outfit you are classy and cute as always! Haha I mooned the whole world doing my photoshoot this weekend it was grand! How do you manage the bargain travel email me at stilettosiren@live.com


  13. haha moon away!

    Love this outfit. I heart your cool style. <3 :D YAY for Vegas!! I wanna go back when I'm not so broke lol

  14. hi girlfriend! first of all, love the new banner ... props to iza indeed! woot! and LOVE ure outfit. ure FREAKIN adorable u know that?!?

  15. This outfit is so awesome. You and your bracelet is past adorable.

  16. OOH love the new header! good job Iza!
    Cute cute! very springy chic, its my new word...LOL
    OOh girl I'm going to LV soon too! when you going??? I love shopping in Vegas! so save your money they have great stores!

  17. Amazing combination, so chic!

  18. love how ur blog screams fashion is not only for the thin stick girl!!!

    nice outfit!!!! very curvy chic indeed!

    xoxo jenna

  19. You know I looked at those Topshop boots and they were sold out! I'm blaming you ;) so jealous that you're going to Vegas! I hope you have an amazing time :)

    I gave your blog an award here :)!

  20. loving this look and the skirt is fab xxxxxx

  21. You look so beautiful! I love the blue strip top with the pink skirt.... a nice combination!

    Happy wkend!!