it's days like this that make me think what if--

[ all cali photos taken by the bff aka bagel/tookie/turtle. thanks! :) ]
[ :: Faith21 top & tank :: INC studded mini :: Torrid heels :: ]

I love California sunshine. And balconies. Lots of balconies. Definitely need to lay out more once I'm back for good. This is the pastiest my skin has ever been! Even my bff whose skin is blindingly pale has a better tan than I do. Unacceptable.

Also, possibly going to Chicago at the end of May. Anyone from Chitown have suggestions on where to eat, what to see, and most importantly, where to shop?! :D I'm so excitedddddd! :)

Yours, Etc.


  1. Oh there's plenty to do here and to eat. lol. There's a boutique here I wanted to go to called Viva La Femme. Google it. ALso, you have to go to greek town. Downtown michigan ave, H & M, forever 21, and plenty of other places. There are sooooo many places downtown to eat, whatever u like to eat.

  2. Your pictures look great, it seems like your having a great time in California! I love the see through top, its so perfect of summer/spring! :)

  3. OOH Chicago is fab! I was there in Fall 2008 and loved it! I really want to go back! Michigan Ave is a shoppers delight! They have all the usual shops like Mz B said, and they also have high end stores. They had a store called Filenes basement, its like a Loehmanns/Nordstrom Rack they have good stuff and prices! Have fun and can't wait to see your pics!

  4. Oh forgot to say outfits is cute! love the skirt!
    the balcony is beautiful, is that your parents house in Cali? very nice!

  5. This looks great, love the tunic!xxx

  6. I love the tunic so much! You look lovely as always!


  7. Great outfit, Love the shoes, where did you get those? Beautiful! also, is that your house? :D looks so expensive and nice!

  8. You're beautiful ;o I love yours outfits :)

  9. This is a fabulous post and I love how creative you have been with those balcony photos. Love it. x.