Isabella Fiore Clutch Giveaway!

As a big thank you to all my followers, I'm hosting a giveaway for this gorgeous new 
Isabella Fiore "Vertical-Pleats Iben" Clutch! :)
**sponsored by yours truly! ;)**

I tweeted a while ago about maybe having bought the perfect item for my long-awaited giveaway and voila...it has arrived! I am however, so in love with it that I spent a couple days debating on whether or not to actually give it away (sorry guys--I really love this bag). I kept trying to come up with excuses about why I need another black clutch. In the end though, the boyfriend is forcing me to give it away, saying that the last thing I need is another black bag. :(

So here we are, and as much as I'm going to continue lusting after this bag after it's gone, I'm so glad one of my oh-so-fashionable readers will get to rock this hot little piece! :)

The Isabella Fiore Vertical Pleats Iben clutch is a gorgeous pleated leather (real--none of that pleather stuff) clutch with top zip opening and embossed snake-print detailing along the bottom seam, studded tassel zipper pull, and zip opening. The lining is a shiny red grosgrain fabric with interior zip pocket, 2 accessory pockets, and an additional key hook. Gold Isabella Fiore nameplate on both front and interior of clutch. Oh, and the photos totally don't do it justice. Retails for $395. See how much I <3 you guys? :D

How to Enter:
1. Since this is a giveaway for my followers, to enter, you must be or become a follower of CurvyGirlChic
2. Leave a comment with your name, a suggestion for the blog, and the reason why you follow CurvyGirlChic! :) 
It's okay if you say "I'm only following cause I want to win this bag!" I'm just curious, lol!

**Optional: Earn an additional entry by posting on your blog about this giveaway and commenting again with a link to that post!

*Entries will be taken from April 15, 2010 until May 15, 2010--and a winner will be chosen (via random.org) and announced a few days after that. The winner must respond w/ an email to me within a week of the posting date or another winner will be chosen. Only entries fulfilling all points will be counted!

**Again, this giveaway was sponsored by me, and this blog is NOT affiliated with Isabella Fiore in any way...I just really like her designs and wanted to share the love. Hehe! :)

A big thanks again to my awesome followers, especially those who comment on a regular basis--you guys are really what keeps me going! :) Love you guys!

Happy Entering! :)

Yours, Etc.

P.S. Sorry...No OOTD post today 'cause I made a big batch of puppy chow and consequently covered my shirt in melted chocolate and peanut butter. Hehe? :)


  1. Aye yo yo! :) FIRST OFF! I adore you for parting with this bag. it's definitely an awesome clutch! I'm feeling lucky so I want to enter!

    Nichole aka Nikstar! :)
    I'd like to see some more writing from you ;) But I think I expressed that in another blog of yours when you did q&a...
    I follow your blog because you always have cool pictures and you step out of your comfort zone with fashion...i.e. jeggings, skinnies, floral prints! :D

  2. ooooh! & I did post a link to your giveaway here:


  3. What a gorgeous bag! Powerful, too, as it made me go right over and click that 'follow' button on your wonderful blog. :)

    You've got a warm personable style of writing.

  4. Hey hon.. Em. x. here...

    I followed you because of your pictures to start with. I LOVE them and think they are beautiful and well shot.
    Only more of that really... I like the blog, very much, just as it is. x.

  5. First off, this week you've been making me soooo desperate to buy a grey blazer because you look so good in yours.

    Secondly, my entry!
    Name: Beth aka Bethamint
    I agree with Em, I really like your blog just as it is. I followed you because I fell in love with your style straight away, and I think the pictures of you out and about in your outfits are just fantastic.

  6. ha ha.

    i know how hard it is to part with something you love very much lol.

    [ name ] bre
    [ suggestion ] last post i suggested you keep with the frequent post [ which is awesome =.) ] and thats still my suggestion .
    [ reason ] i follow because i love the frequent posts and your outfits give me ideas =.)

  7. hi! I'm alison
    I've only been reading for a week or two (?) so I don't have any suggestions yet ;)
    I follow because I'm trying to get out of my "I had a baby seven months ago" slump.. feeling gross and am inspired that other curvy girls can look so wonderful!

  8. name: Gemini
    A suggestion for the blog: I think it is great the way it is, but perhaps more close up shoe shots. You've got great shoes and I am a shoe fanatic, so I'd love to see them a little closer.
    The reason why you follow CurvyGirlChic!: Your outfit are inspiring and I like your style. It's cool to see how you work it.

  9. I linked this contest to my blog.


    Hope I win!!

  10. Name : Teer Wayde

    A suggestion for the blog: The perfect jeans! For all sizes - I'm all the way in Australia and I'm looking at getting a few pairs but I'm never sure if they will ever work.

    The reason you follow CurvyGirlChic! :

    Because you have a distinct sense of style, fantastic eye for detail and you are comfortable in your skin. It makes me proud of my shape! Plus I adore the way you show off your clothing and the images are always outstanding.

    Now its time repost this! xxxx

  11. Name: Gyang

    I started following you because I love your sense of style. I honestly love the things you wear and the best thing about your clothes are that its accessible, I can find them and buy it if I really like it on you. One small suggestion would be...I would love to see close-ups of your outfits and the accessories you wear with them, especially shoes =)

  12. Jules- That bag is great! I would have a hard time parting with it too.

    I started following your blog because I loved your creative pictures and you have such a variety in outfits. Its simple but effective. I would love for you to just keep doing what your doing because its great! I really love that you show your shoes because I have wide feet too and know if you can fit them then so can I.

  13. Lovely Violet
    I am an old follower and love your blog!!
    So enter me to your giveway please!!!

  14. hiiii :)

    it's Iza (Maria Jimenez if u wanna get specific with it lolz)
    it's hard to make a suggestion for your blog because you already do a great job. your photos are always top notch and you post quite often considering you probably have a busy schedule... i would probably say differentiate from the ootd posts (not that i don't love them! because i love the glimpse at your everyday style) but it'd be nice to see more posts that let your personality shine... say opinions on things... yadda yadda lolz
    I actually started blogging more after i stumbled across your blog from i don't even remember where anymore (perhaps google?)... i love seeing your classy style and your fab purchases :), thats why i follow you.

    - Iza

    and here is my post for your giveaway :)

  15. Hi! I'm Emma

    I love your blog because you have such a great style. Ever since I had my boy a year ago, I've been really insecure about my body. I find it so difficult to find beautiful clothes that will fit me nicely. You're a great inspiration.

    I wouldn't change a thing about your blog :-)

  16. Wow this clutch is an amazing prize! You are wonderful. I already have an entire outfit in mind to revolve around this clutch I must win! You know i love your site but my suggestion would be simply to just showcase more of your amazingly beautiful self, also maybe showcase some great finds online that you don't purchase as well! What i love about your site is that you take amazing photos, have a great sense of personal style and that you are so real and genuine!


  17. That Bag is gorgeous! No clue how you're parting with it :) That Boyfriend of yours must be pretty special if he convinced you of it lol. Love your blog and thanks for being the only person to publicly comment on my blog :) Happy Tax day!

  18. That bag is gorgeous, hahaha! My name is Gazelma on twitter and I follow your blog because you have the same aesthetic as I do and you're also Asian, which is rare to see as a plus size person. I am also Chinese (assuming you are Chinese?) and I just love seeing someone who is Asian rock the plus size world.


  19. I an crossing my fingers and toes that I win this cute bag! My name is Erica C or Misss_E...and I just starting following you today...but I dont know why I havent been following you because all my friends are followers and you are fab. But Im following now because I like your fashion sense and I am interested on seeing your take fashiony type stuff. I have no suggestions...except continue to do you!

  20. are you FREAKIN serious ?!?!!? dayng girl ... u know how to rock a giveaway! please enter me ... i follow u cuz ure a doll, ure stylin, and ure a beautyful curvy girl who takes super awesome pics, oh! and u make me laugh too. ;-) and for suggestions ... how bout some polyvore outfits?

    thanks love!

  21. and giirrrlll ... u know i had to repost:



  22. Hello. I'm Linda. And I follow you because you have great sense of style. I love your outfits!

  23. I also posted your giveaway on my page



  24. I can't believe you're giving this away!! Insane but fabulous! :D

    I think you were one of the first blogs I started following. I don't really have any suggestions as I think your blog is amazing as it is but I did use to enjoy the designer/trend spotlights with your commentary. On to why I follow your blog, I love how frequently you post and how all of your outfits posts are filled with gorgeous clothes and amazing picture locations! You always manage to look stunning :D

    oo and if my username didn't give it away, the name's Stephanie!

  25. I'm Kari and first off I'd like to say that that clutch is something serious and I need it in my life! I don't really think you should change anything. I enjoy a blog with lots of OOTD's and that's exactly what you have. <3

  26. Hello (*^_^*)
    Me as well, I think it's amazing you're giving this clutch away, so nice of you.
    I'm Jennifer.
    Hm, I really like your blog as it is, but maybe do some kind of fun theme, show of your top fav. shoes, or other clothing items, mix and match the same clothes for different occations, i donät know :) anything.
    I read your blog cause you take beautiful pictures in lovely outfits, you have a great sense of style and I really admire that.


  27. AWESOME! love the clutch! I want! will definitely link to your blog & announce you giveaway. just got back into town so will work on it this week.
    love your blog because your so sweet and very chic...LOL that kinda rhymed. great outfits & pictures and your very down to earth and friendly. Also being a Cali girl I gotta support my so cal sistas! LOL

  28. My name is Jill and first off, I love your blog! I've been kinda down in the dumps about plus size fashion and then I came across yours & a few others. I follow your blog because it give me inspiration and hope! The only suggestion I have is maybe to show more OOTD's. I understand that you are busy but I just love seeing your outfits! =)

  29. enter me!!! I also gave you an award. Come by my blog.

  30. I like your style, that's why i read your blog. I also try study English.(My English is terrible now!)

    Clutch is amazing!

  31. Can I enter, even though I live in London, UK?


  32. Hii :D

    I'm LaCara ( that bag is sooo hot! )

    When I first saw your blog, I noticed the way you styled yourself, I liked the way you looked confident in all your pictures. You rocked every outfit and made it your own, and I find that very inspiring, so that's why I follow your blog.

    As for suggestions, perhaps you can start giving advice on how to build outfits, and how to style them :)

    Here's my post on the giveaway :) : http://ohlalacurves.blogspot.com/2010/04/curvy-girl-chic-giveaway.html#comments

  33. Hiii...

    My name is Lucia && Lovvveeeee This clutch!!!

    You are so pretty and I love love your style :D


  34. tht bag has my name written on it! lol

    great giveaway


  35. http://jasiferlionsclub.blogspot.com/2010/04/kick-ass-giveaway.html

    :D wrote about your give away on my blog! :D

  36. Hi,
    I'm following you because I think you have a awesome sense of style. One suggestion is more writing. :)

  37. I've just started following you, and scrolled down to see this giveaway.. and well I couldn't resist!

    As I've only just started looking, I'm looking forwards to seeing your cute coordinates. :)

    http://www.emybloom.com if you want to ever nosy at me!

    gemma.h.williams at gmail.com is my e-mail address, good luck to everyone :D

  38. My name is Kiki. I love your blog, I don't have any real suggestions for improvement, just keep up the great work! I follow your blog because I love your style and need inspiration for revamping my look. This clutch would be awesome to have!

  39. Also, I would love to see like a podcast of you and a few of your closest bloggettes. I think you can record with Skype but I have never tried. It would be cool to have a Video conference, I would do it but I am new to the game so I wouldn't really know what to say!


    enter me!!!

  40. I'm a follower!

    I'm Marianna, and I love your blog... your outfits are so original and inspiring. I love if you'd do a video or some sort of tour of your closet... it would be fun to see! :)

  41. Ello!
    I'm Ciara!

    *Hmmm....as I was looking through your blog I saw that you posted different items that you liked. Maybe you could do like a "What I lust" list or something for each month of items that you like or have seen around the net.

    *I started following because of the giveaway, but I will be sticking around even after it's over because I dig your blog! <3


  42. I also made a post about this giveaway!!



  43. I'm Case.
    I loveloveLOVE your blog and I would love to see more trend advice from you!
    I read because I love to see your pictures...your outfits are very inspirational and ALWAYS so cute and put-together looking.

  44. I'm littlemissplump (sara), and I've been reading your blog for a few weeks now, but only became a follower today. I read your blog because I love your outfits and your style. I find it very inspirational! I really love your blog, but if I had to suggest something I would like to see more pictures of what's in your wardrobe, like 'the item of the week' or something - you seem to have some amazing pieces! I also like when you put pictures of things you want and lust after - such as those of the necklaces/chains last week. It made me want them too!

    Sorry for the long post!


  45. Found a link to your blog in anther blog and started following you even before I saw the giveaway :-)
    I like the way you dress, were about the same size and I am hoping to get some ideas from you.
    Hmm a suggestion. Don’t think you need one I like it just the way it is :-)
    I am Odelia

  46. Pretty bag, and also the shirt you have on today, my fav color. I am following you because you are not thin as a stick but are still super cute and in style. I need ideas, as I am wanting to be the same. You give me great inspiration (and no, Im not just sucking up!


  47. Im following because your confident and you have great style! Suggestions: I suppose a new header would be great!
    xoxo Jolie

  48. Look! I can comment on your blog through my phone! Yay!
    I follow your blog because I honestly love your sense of style and love for fashion. If I had a recommendation for your blog....it would be...to keep doing what you're doing! Thanks for such a great giveaway!


  49. Hiiii!
    My name us Julianne!

    I got here via Jennifer from http://jasiferlionsclub.blogspot.com/, but I already read a bunch of older entries, love your style, confidence and attitude.
    You gave me so many outfits ideas! You do a great job here on your blog.

    And as a suggestion, I also think a new header would be great, maybe with a more curvy girl as Fulvia Lacerda or Tara Lynn.



  50. Oh, sorry!
    Forgot to leave my email:


    My name us Julianne!

    I got here via Jennifer from http://jasiferlionsclub.blogspot.com/, but I already read a bunch of older entries, love your style, confidence and attitude.
    You gave me so many outfits ideas! You do a great job here on your blog.

    And as a suggestion, I also think a new header would be great, maybe with a more curvy girl as Fulvia Lacerda or Tara Lynn.



  51. I follow because I like to see new fashion ideas for women with curves, like me!

  52. our name, a suggestion for the blog, and the reason why you follow CurvyGirlChic!

    First off, you have major guts to part with your new clutch because it's seriously amazing and so versatile. However, I'll start with the deets.

    My name is Maddii and the only thing I would change about your blog, or like to see differently, is maybe if you covered more topics having to do with plus size. Self esteem, society, etc. Things other than fashion that our plus size sisters can relate too. Lastly, I follow your blog because when I saw your "Say You'll Stay" back in March, you had me. Not only was your outfit 100% on the dot, but you could tell you had charisma through the photograph.

    Keep up the good work!

  53. I'm Candice, and I just wanted to say that I really love reading your blog. I love the fact that you update so frequently, because it always gives me new ideas on what do it. I really like the blog the way it is, but if you wanted a suggesstion, I would say that maybe you could include some more styling tips or things like that.

    I love your style! You are so cute!

  54. Hi! I'm Colin and I absolutely love your blog. You are by far my favorite blog to read, and I've been checking you out daily for a little over a month now. So not too, too long. I LOVE reading your blog because you have the sickest fashion sense and shop at places that I can shop at too. I've had a pretty killer fashion sense, but never knew how to apply it on my own body. That is, until I got into your blog (and a few other ladies'). The only suggestion I have is pretty much the same thing a few other ladies were saying a the top; more close ups of the shoes. Other than that your commentary and photos are superb, and always a pleasure to check out.

  55. I'm Katelyn and I'm a first time reader. I found your blog via fat shopaholic. I'm a curvy girl myself with a love hate relationship with fashion. I don't really have a suggestion for the blog but if you are looking for life suggestions... Make all my fashion decisions for me? I'm following you're blog so I can experience a little more of the love side of my relationship with fashion and my body.

  56. I'm Felicia & I love the way you play around with accessories and your clothes.. You've really inspired me to change me sense of style and hopefully start a blog of my own :)
    Additionally, I used to study in CA & your pictures really remind me of my good times in the US :)
    Keep up the good work girl!

  57. Hi! I'm new to your blog and I honestly LOVE it! So I have to say I wouldn't want you to change/add anything! I really do adore your style :)

    Kirsty xo


  58. Hi girl. Detailed shots of your accessories would be a great addition to your blog. I follow Curvy Girl Chic because you're fabulous and have fun style. You're funny and kind to talk to (on Twitter :))and I always enjoy your OOTDs because your style can be both dressy and casual.
    Stay fashionable,

  59. I wonder if im too late! i am a new follower and i really love your blog! you have such great style and have provided my boring wardrobe with many new, cool ideas! Thanks for being such an inspiration to all the curvy fashonistas out there! =]


  60. Jessica - I follow the blog because I like your style, I have no suggestions! I did post a link to the giveaway on my blog here: http://jessi5000.livejournal.com/440319.html

  61. nice collection