game show love connection we can't deny

[ :: Asos Curve slinky top :: Banana Republic Blazer :: iT! rising starlet skinnies :: Cloudwalkers booties :: ]
[ :: Dear Bearcat ear cuff :: F21 bracelet :: random brandless clutch I found in my closet :: ]

Yayyy--snapped some photos just in time to catch the last rays of light--kind of cool to look back at the photos because you can see the sky get darker and darker. :) This rooftop was a place the bf and I discovered randomly. Noticed it had an awesome view of the city and we made plans to go have a picnic or something...never happened. lol. Makes for nice photos though! :)

Anyhow, I love this top from Asos! It's super comfortable, and can be shifted around a little to be asymmetric  for added interest. Something I would change about this top is the placement of the knotty bit in front--it's sort of unflattering to have all the extra fabric hang right in from of your stomach--I felt a little preggers in it, lol. Also, the fabric is great and super soft, but it's the type that shows every nook and cranny of your body--love handles and back fat beware! Oh, and the fabric photographs like wrinkly crushed velvet. It's not. lol.

Anyhoo, I'm starting to plan what I'm going to pack for my Vegas trip! Let's see...5 days, 5 nights. Weather will be bright and sunny and upper 80's. I'd love to "pack light" but can't choose what to bring! lol bad news. 

Anyone have advice on packing light for Vegas??
 I've been there a million times but always end up bringing my entire wardrobe! =X

Yours, Etc.

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  1. I really like the look of light, soft colors under a structured blazer. Is that the color ASOS calls "mink"? This outfit is fab!


  2. Bring stuff that's interchangeable. Basics, basics?! Or just bring a bunch of sun dresses hahaha

    You look great Allison!

  3. and another flawless outfit from the great allison! love. it.

  4. haha, I know the feeling, my bf calls almost all my dress and tops for "pregnant clothes" lol.
    I'm like NOOOO! it's pretty!! pretty...
    You look so nice in this outfit! and the scenery is beautiful!

  5. i think i have those same booties.. or something similar but i bought from avenue! you look good in this outfit!

  6. You're brave! I avoid any top that makes me look preggerz! lol I'm sure once I am preggerz, I will totally still follow that theory haha!

    Cute outfit, I am a sucker for city scapes! Beauuuuutiful backdrop to match a beautiful lady ;)

  7. That top most certainly doesn't make you look preggers! And I would love to give you advice on packing light... but my packing is horrendous! Maybe just take basics, then jazz them up with lots of accessories?
    Have fun in Vegas!

  8. You're crazy! You don't look preggers at all. I gotta say, seeing this on the website I wasn't that impressed but I love it on you. It looks classy and fabulous. Jealous that you get to party it up in Vegas, although I wouldn't be able to gamble or drink...boo :(

  9. This outfit is very cute! And I love the background. Have fun in Vegas! :)

  10. LOVE the outfit! That top looks so luxe. And that blazer is great. And I just adore city scapes...looks like it was a gorgeous night. I have no packing advice for Vegas. The last time my husband and I went, I packed almost my entire closet O_o it was bad! LOL... HAVE FUN! (packing and in Veags!)

    Lexy (Beautylicious Fashionista)


  11. I don't we woman have physically or mentally pack light! LOL I know I tend to over pack as well. But one good way is taking a smaller bag/luggage so you can only fit so many things. For my short Vegas trip I have a Betsey Johnson Duffel bag I always use & its room enough for several outfits, shoes & accessories as well as my make up. I throw it all in & I'm ready to go! Plus you know you will shop as well so gotta leave a tiny bit of room for new clothes!
    Have fun & good luck packing!

  12. I love that top on your, you have really just sold me on it! It is fierce! Love you how can always work a blazer too. You are fabulous dahling!

  13. I like the knot detail- it's beautiful! but I feel ya on some clothes making you feel pregnant because of extra fabric pfftt but I think most of us would wear it anyway :)