Bag Voyeurism

I don't really know what it is about sneaking a peak into someone else's bag...it's not like they're hiding baby toes or something in there--and yet, I always want to know! Is it just me? lol. Anyway, I was tagged to do a little bag voyeurism so here you go...

Isabella Fiore studded bag

[ :: Coach wallet :: iPhone :: keys with Marc by MJ keychains :: compact mirror :: ]
[ :: mini jewelry case for instant accessorizing <3 :: mini bvlgari perfume :: trusty umbrella :: ]
[ :: random peppermint from some dinner? ::  foldable hairbrush (BEST FRIEND.) :: ]
[ :: chapstick/gloss :: Shiseido moisturizer :: eye drops :: pen :: bobby pins :: cheap sunnies in expensive case :: ]
[[ :: Nikon DSLR...not shown for obvious reasons! <3 :: ]]

This is why I love big roomy bags! I carry so much crap around with me, haha. 
Hmmm...so if shopping counts as cardio, does having a heavy bag count as weight lifting? :D

I won't tag you guys 'cause I'm horrible at responding to tags myself, but what do you guys haul around all day? Like I said, I'm curious! :D

Yours, Etc.

P.S. I know I'm so late to acknowledge, but a HUUUUGE thanks to Monique of Curves and Chaos for featuring me! Check out the mini-interview here! <333


  1. I agree, the bag is killer! I LOOOOVE looking into peoples bags, ihih, I think im gonna do one of my own bag voyeurism. (*^_^*) thanks for the inspiration.

  2. hahahahahaha i love ur foldible comb! totally reminds me of when i was younger... so adorable :) how do u fit the Nikon in that bag? lolz random note: every time i show my bf a new bag... he's always like "why does it have to be so big?" lolz oh boys, never understand!

    Ox - Iza (my BIG hug leetle kiss looks like the word Ox :( lolz)

  3. Lol! I just read Iza's comment and my boyfriend says the same thing... boys. LOL.

    I'll have to copy this for later bahaha.

  4. @Jessica Thanks1 :)

    @Jennifer YAYYYY I can't wait to see! hahaha I'm so nosy....:D

    @Iza LOL!! i heart that comb. it came from a tare panda bathroom kit for little kids...hahaha <3 and i honestly just shove the camera in...I nreally need a case that doesn't suck, lol!

    @Gazel LOL mine too! then I explain to him all the things I need with me and he's all "why do you need so much crap on you all the time?! I only have my wallet keys and cell phone!" and I'm all "whateverrrrrr" lolol

  5. I always carry a huge bag to work; it has to fit a book, my filofax (i know), bottle of water, makeup, hair brush, umbrella (i'm in london), sunglasses etc etc. My boyfriend thiinks it's funny, and even I am surprised at the things I can pull out when needed! You need a pain killer? A mint? Pen? Tissue? I've got it! :)

  6. i love bag posts!
    theyre such great insight into the blogger
    your blog is wonderful inspiration, keep it up!
    thanks for sharing as always


  7. i love that bag...and i carry so much stuff in my bag its hilarious..

    but i always need my journals or calendar or black berry or makeup bag or...or...and on and on so


    the bigger the better!!

  8. Why do we carry so much stuff in our bags, lovely bag by the way

  9. I love big bags! lol...I tend to carry so much junk in my bag!! Even food...LOL!


  10. Great post, and I love your bag!

  11. Love that bag, seriously cute! Always fun to see what people carry, I might have to do one next week.

  12. p.s.

    BLOG AWARD! lolz cuz i <3's u :D