So Loving: Whitney Thompson

The most recent winner of ANTM--Whitney Thompson--is gorgeous! She's got a beautiful face and stunning body! She's a size 12-14, which I mean, is definitely on the low..low..LOW end of the "plus size" spectrum, but whatever. Better than another size 00 model!

Thennn, the fabulous blonde turns smoldering brunette, and is now the newest model for Torrid!

Photos from her "Fiercely Real" Torrid Lookbook!

So cute--I love that yellow jacket!!!

Yours, Etc.


  1. I was so happy Whitney won ANTM, she is clearly a beautiful woman and talented model! What I wouldn't give to have her body and be called plus size! Although she is a size 12-14 that girl has no fat or rolls. Glad we now have another gorgeous plus size model to represent us.

    1. she definitely has fat rolls! they just use photoshop. even size 4 women have "fat rolls".

  2. I remember having watched the episodes from the season she won. She really deserved to win :-)

  3. She is stunning, though I think I like her better as a blonde. Great job! :)