say you'll stay

[ :: Ann Taylor shirt dress :: BR trench :: Jeffrey Campbell wedge boots :: woven leather clutch :: ]
[ :: Nordstrom &F21 bracelets :: Urban earrings :: ]

I'm fully expecting people to hate on these boots. I love them though. Plus, they're ridiculously comfortable. I can't wait until the weather permits me to wear these with shorts, my mesh-y floral pink H&M top, and an army green parka. No lie, I totally planned to wear this shirt dress with my classic black pointy toe pumps, but I just threw the boots on when I found out they were delivered and ran out for a test drive.

Either way, it was way too cold for this outfit. Went home and changed into the penguin print pajamas I've had since high school. 

Yours, Etc.

P.S. Thanks to everyone who commented on my last post! It means a ton to me to hear feedback from you guys. :) I'll try to keep the posts frequent! Also, glad to hear some of you are looking forward to the shop! The new clothes I could never fit into deserve a happy loving home. :)


  1. You are too brave! It was freezing today! Love the boots, though!

  2. I love Jeffrey Campbell, but the boots I'm not that sure. They look even better on you because you said that you love them. When you rock something, it makes all the difference. I do have a quick question, how do you feel about J. Campbell's Charli-C platform clogs? I might be in love...Thanks
    Tiffany M.

  3. You'r 100% right, I am envious of those boots! They are gorgeous.

  4. @AmeliaPontes yup! definitely too cold. lol! hence the pajamas, lol! :D

    @tfrega I'm still on the fence about clogs in general, but the Charli-C ones are pretty cute! They're clearly the Chanel's clog's little sister, and that 2 inch platform is pretty bad ass. If you love it, do it! :D

    @Amelia Rose Thanks! :)

  5. Oooo I love the boots, who would hate on those fierce things?

    Looking stunning as usual!


  6. Thanks chicky...If I do it, I will send u a photo...If I get the balls...lol...Have a great weekend...Luv your blog and style.

  7. Cute look! :)


  8. @Stiletto Siren Thanks! I'm glad someone else likes them! :D

    @tfrega definitely send a pic! I'd love to see them on someone! :)

    @t thanks! :)

  9. Those boots are extra amazing because they are as comfortable as they look! I can totally see them in a shorts/parka combo. Can't wait to see that :)

  10. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this outfit to bits! Very very very NICE!

    10 points from me! :)


    Rebequita Rose


  11. I love that trench coat and that dress! And where were you here? Amazing pic. Next you should post a pic in your penguin pjs, hehe. :)

  12. those boots are great!


  13. you look SO SO CHIC! i love the coat! :)


  14. Thanks everyone!!! Your comments are always so sweet! I clearly have the best readers EVER. :D

    @Jen I'm in Boston! There's a park in the middle of the financial dist where I live--love taking photos there! :D

  15. I adore the boots and weather appropriate or not you look stunning as usual!

  16. the boots are somethin and love the trench with this dress! so ure movin to cali!?!? yay!!!

  17. I found your blog via another one but I can't quite remember where. I was looking at your pics and something hit me. I said I KNOW WHERE THAT IS. I hope that doesn't sound creepy. I think we live in the same hood.
    Anyone who hates on those boots doesn't know a good boot!