imagine waking up tomorrow with nothing

[ :: Torrid off shoulder bubble hem sweater :: iT! skinnies :: Lane Bryant coat :: Torrid heels :: bag from Taiwan :: ]
[ :: Forever21 cuff :: leather bracelets from Mad Sq. winter market in NY :: Urban leaf earrings :: ]

Ran errands all day--got my dress altered, pants fixed, shoes repaired and resoled, and finally got around to returning that "oh, I'll just buy this on a whim" top. Had an amazing dinner at my favorite restaurant in the city--turns out they're running their restaurant week menu all month so it was a great deal, too! Woohoo for small victories. :)

**Torrid Madrid Heel Update: Comfortable, but surprisingly too wide--feet slip forward--will need to put in cushions for the ball of the foot. Also, a little lacking in arch support, won't hold up for a long night dancing but damn they look good just sitting pretty somewhere.

Yours, Etc.

P.S. I totally just noticed that I wore bubble sweaters two days in a row. lol.


  1. I love this whole look and I think I need those shoes in my life! :)

  2. You always have greats shoe's and accessories! Those shoe's really do look great!

  3. I ditto what they said... this look is really cute.. and the shoes.. aaahhh **lust**

  4. Well maybe if they shoe is too wide for you it might be perfect for me I have a pretty wide foot! I love that off the shoulder top. Gorgeous on you!

  5. You always look fab!


  6. I adore the draping of that jumper, it looks lovely. I love the shoes too!

  7. Loving your blog, so glad you found mine so that I could find yours. :)

  8. u rock casual outfits like no other.

    and who takes ure pics? u prolly answered this question a thousand times though ...


  9. Thanks for all the comment love! :)

    @princessvalencia--I definitely think they would fit you! I have wide feet and my feet were definitely slipping forward. I think the majority of Torrid's shoes are designed for wide footed ladies--I've never had a pair be too narrow! :)

    @BBM--thanks hun! :) the bf takes them. thank goodness he's so patient! (most of the time) :)