if i had a day that i could give you i'd give you a day just like today

[ :: H&M mesh top & belt:: AE tank & shorts :: Coach bag :: Aldo flats :: misc. bracelets :: ]

Yessssssssssss nice weather--finally! :) Seriously just wanted to sit outside and do nothing all day. It was amazing, and every single person and their dog was out just chillin' in the sun! :) 

Busted out the new mesh top I picked up from H&M! Paired it with a leather belt to give it shape :) Also, brought out my favorite bag in the whooooole world! (...that I currently have in my possession!) You'll have to excuse the puffiness of it today--I crammed my unnecessary jacket in there, lol. 

I constantly ask myself why it can't be like this year round, then I realize I'd never be able to wear my cute coats. *sigh* The grass is always greener I guess, lol.

Yours, Etc.

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  1. i suppose thats why we have seasons ;) so our closets can be so varied! lolz... first off... cute outfit! and 2nd off... did you have any issues with (what i'm assuming is) a leather belt over such a light colored top... pretty much most of my belts are leather... and i'm always scared that there will be some really unattractive(not to mention permanent) color transfers onto my light tops/tunics/dresses... any tips/suggestions with that? or am i just being paranoid lolz

  2. Ah! Once I am able to shop for clothes again, I am buying that shirt. I went into H&M yesterday and started hyperventilating. The clothes were so cute.

  3. uummm ... yeah, im about to email you my shipping info so you can ship that gorgeous top my way ... ;-)

  4. Wow! That top is amazing! Love the photography too, as always :)

  5. Oh what a pretty top!!!! you look lovely!!!!! Nice pics!

  6. I totally agree with everyone that top is amazing!!!

  7. lovely pictures, you look adorable and happy! :)