forget love, i'd rather fall in chocolate.

[ :: H&M zipper dress :: Banana Republic trench :: OSP lace panel leggings :: ]
[ :: Torrid boots :: Ora bag :: Tiffany&Co bangle and NY&Co braclets :: ]

My outfit was all about comfort today since I had a ton of errands to run. (OH! Sara and Gabi, your packages are in the mail and on their way! :) ) Got the lace panel leggings since I'm sad to say, I'm not quite ready for the full-on lace ones. Also wearing the H&M dress that reminds me of cargo pants for no apparent reason. Which I also plan on wearing with my new shoes when they arrive!! :D

[ :: Jeffrey Campbell Mayhem Wedges :: ]
Aren't they amazing?! I'm completely in love with them. Even paid the extra $10 for 2 day shipping! 
I hope they fit!! *fingers crossed*

Anyway! Isn't the doggie in the top photos SO CUTE?!?! He was so nice and fluffy and clean and soft! Or so I thought until the owner walked over and told me that her dog always goes for girls in black tights and leggings...specifically to get dog hair all over them. Then, when he scampered off I realized he had drooled all over my new leggings. *sigh* I feel like I'm constantly being outsmarted by four-legged creatures.

Yours, Etc.


  1. Oooh those leggings are fab! Love this look.

  2. I love the leggings, but seriously - That zipper dress looks so great and feminine on you. Fabulous choice

  3. You've got a sunshine award, check out my blog, Take care! :)

    Wow, awesome shoes! :D where can I get those? :P

  4. Thx doll! Can't wait to put an outfit together:) I love the dress...I can see the cargo-ness in them. Your dress and new shoes will look great together!

  5. That dress is amazing! I love the pics with the doggy! :)

  6. LOVE that H&M dress love the trench with it! i wish i can be in this cute comfy outfit right now!

  7. hey! recently found your blog! your outfits are so cute! love it!

    I saw that you are doing a Q &A...I have a question for you...how do you find suff at H&M? I think(?) I'm pretty close to your size and I never find clothes at stores like H&M that actually fit me. Looks like you find a lot there! Maybe I just have bad luck!

    Anyway, love your blog, mine is new and very much under construction...but check it out if you get the chance! <3, Case

  8. OH love the dress and bag! looking oh so chic! :))
    I want those leggings!