Had an amazing time today shopping at vintage shops! Found a Burberry trench for $75 but ended up not getting it since it would've needed about $40 in repairs and $50 in tailoring. Booo. Couldn't bring myself to spend $165 for a jacket I really don't NEED. Especially since I just spent $200 at the Macy's one day sale. :( Got some AMAZING pieces that I'll be posting soon! Sorry, not outfit photos today (bf worked all day) but I'll leave you with this gorgeous photo of Crystal Renn!

Happy Sunday! :)

Yours, Etc.


  1. I Love Renn!

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  2. Yea, I know the feeling girl. lately I've only bought items on sale, and I'm loving it. Cause there's nothing better to find a good bargain. :)

  3. Good choice with that coat but I soooo know the feeling, I'll bet you're still thinking about it :) I love these pictures, she's soooooo beautiful!

  4. I know the feeling, that's why now I prefer to buy items on sale. You can get more for your buck :-)

    I"ll definitely be following your blog :-) If you get a chance check mine out


  5. Check out EBay for awesome Burberry trenches. I found one that was in MINT condition on a buy it now for $88 - with shipping. It came in a week from West Virginia and had been freshly dry cleaned by the seller.