put a little pep in your step

[Fortune from Panda Express fortune cookie!]

[Faith21 exposed zip peplum top :: NY&Co pencil skirt :: Epic by Lori Glazer coat]
[Cynthia Rowley studded bag :: Torrid mid-heel slouch boots :: heart earrings from Heartdance in Japan]

Dragged the boyfriend along to Saks to return the $260 Prada sunnies I splurged on the other day. I couldn't bring myself to pay that much for a pair of sunglasses I know I'll lose or break within a few months. (I'll stick to my $10 Aldo ones, thankyouverymuch.) Had deliciously unauthentic Chinese food at Panda Express. Ended up bargain hunting in Marshall's and Filene's Basement, followed by a quick look inside H&M that turned into a 1.5 hour, $162 shopping spree. 

Poor boyfriend. He had no idea what he was getting himself into today. I should go make him dinner or something. Maybe.

Yours, Etc.


  1. You are sooo fabulous! Love the outfit & bag. xo

  2. I really the top and the bag looks great with the outfit, What a find! :)

  3. @Fatshionable Awww you're so sweet! Thank you! :)

  4. glad someone else has that problem (re: sunglasses) my gf said that she won't buy me any 'designer' sunglasses until I am able to keep the 'cheap' ones for at least a couple of months without breaking them *whahhh*

    lovely outfit!

  5. I adore your style and that bag is so cute

  6. My boyfriend knows not to shop with me. And most of the time, I prefer it because after half an hour or so he looks as though his head might explode. Ha
    We shop together on vacay more than we do at home, but yeah..not much. ;)
    As long as he understands how much I love it then we're good. ;)

    Love the fortune, by the way....!

  7. Thanks for the bag love! I'm in such a honeymoon phase with it!

    @laura luna haha thanks! and yeah.. I typically can't be bothered to use my cases, so they always end up in 3 pieces (the sides always break off) lol.

    @Shrinking Kenz LOL i feel so bad about it! but he's a relatively good sport. and he keeps me grounded when I shop so I don't go overboard. hehe!

  8. are you loving faith21 or what??? u look supa cute!

  9. @BBM Thanks! I love Faith 21! It isn't always the best quality, but Forever21 has always been known for turning out trendy items at a super low price. can't beat that! :) I mean, seriously I think I paid $20 for that top.

  10. great top, love the zipper detail in the front!!

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