i just wanna stay right here until never dawns

[ :: Michael Kors shiny coat :: Faith21 sheer white chiffon top :: iT! jeans black skinnies :: ]
[ :: Cynthia Rowley bag :: Seychelles booties :: triple star necklace :: unknown earrings :: bangle stolen from sis :: ]
I wanted to pair my new sheer chiffon frilly white top with tough accents--punky three star necklace, chunky bangle, black jeans, studded bag and booties. 

Rainy days make me want to sit around and do absolutely nothing. Practically what I did today, except for running errands and taking these photos. Rain also means ordering in (pizza) and watching a movie (Spirited Away--how Asian of me, I know.) I can't wait for the weather to turn around. Going to go curl up in bed now with the bf and my stack of unread magazines.

Yours, Etc.


  1. @Candy9985 and @Bethamint Thank you guys!! :)

  2. I love the whole outfit and once again, the photography is exceptional :)

  3. I love your outfit, you look gorgeous ;)

  4. Hey :) just came across your blog today and I love it!! You have a killer sense of style, love your outfits!

  5. shut up with that kors jacket!!! i LOOOOVVEEE it!!!!