i heart costco, not mean little girls in pink

[black H&M cardi; INC navy blue beaded racerback tank; AE flower&chain necklace; iT black skinnies; Seychelles black booties; bag from somewhere in Taiwan; YoursClothing beret]

I really do love Costco. About once every few weeks the boy and I will go and stock up on staples--fruit, veggies, chicken stock, eggs, juice, bagels, etc. I also stock up on all sorts of snack food goodies...cake...cheese...notice how my cart is sneakily out of the picture? That's cause I don't want you all to judge my unhealthy snack choices! Muahaha. I'm so sneaky. 

So, I got into the playhouse Costco has for sale to fool around and take a picture and this little girl came over and wouldn't let me out. Every time I opened the door to get out she'd slam it back in my face....

I see through your cute little pink innocent mask to your evil evil insides, little girl. 
You're not fooling anybody.

Yours, Etc.


  1. Cute! little mean girls grow up to be bitchy women....LOL

  2. LOL! Kids are evil! They know how to take advantage of adults that don't know how to handle them. I always tell them "ohhhhhh I going to tell your mom!" It gets them shaking in their boots every time:D
    LOVE the outfit btw!

  3. LOL haha I always think kids have ulterior motives!!

    Love the outfit!

  4. this made me laugh so much!

    love the outfit! so chic!